TO THE MAXSON: Rebels ready to paint Fremont cannon red 


Rivalry takes on new meaning for UNLV in wake of recent success

If I had a kid, I’d care more about the game against Nevada-Reno, then I would about his report card.

Now that I set off the red flag for Child Protective Services, I can honestly say that this weekend’s game will define the rest of the season for the Rebels.

UNLV head coach Mike Sanford is telling his team that they have to have the underdog mentality. Why not? UNLV has lost the past three match-ups against the school up north and the series between the two schools has been incredibly streaky.

Since 1994, no team has held the Fremont Cannon for less than five years.

Though UNR’s current claim on the cannon has been less than five years, there is a lot of commotion around town and it all points to a victory for UNLV.

With UNLV accruing back-to-back wins for the first time since 2004 when they defeated UNR, 48-13, before beating Brigham Young, the winds are appearing to change for the school up north. The chance of a new layer of blue paint on the Fremont Cannon looks dim.

But if the Rebels win, the scene may be reminiscent of the last time the cannon entered UNLV’s hands in 2000. During a raucous post game celebration, fans rushed the field and spray-painted the cannon red. But as the fans got caught up in the celebration the cannon was accidentally broken. By broken I mean decimated, as it had to be refurbished.

For those students who are taking this as a cautionary tale, that is only half true. I encourage everyone to bring the spray paint to the game, but to keep the cannon breaking to a minimum.

I may be saying this because the cannon is a great piece of history and should be regarded in the highest fashion. I also may be saying this because the cannon is also the most expensive rivalry trophy in the NCAA and, in the wake of budget cuts, if it gets broken it may stay broken.

I urge everyone to come to Saturday’s game and give the Rebels the home field advantage that UNR fans gave the Wolf Pack last year in their 27-20 victory at the last second.

And for my future son, I don’t care if you flunk out, as long as you don’t go to Reno.