Family Weekend presents grand tour of UNLV campus 

Dinner, activities, games among draws of special weekend

Family Weekend presents grand tour of UNLV campus

The Blue Man Group's antics entertain students and family at the Student Union ballroom Friday. Photo by: Devin Loretz

After finally letting their young leave the nest, parents came back over the weekend to check up on their fledgling students during UNLV’s Family Weekend.

Family Weekend kicked off Friday by inviting parents to join students at the Hazel M. Wilson Dining Commons for a taste of what their students have been surviving on.

Later Friday night the opening reception featured a showcase of the college of engineering. Vik Sehdev, student body vice president, was on hand to enjoy the festivities and pitch the pros of family support.

Family Weekend presents grand tour of UNLV campus

The Wii Tournament wrapped up a bus weekend itinerary. Photo by: Helen Rojas

“Family is a huge support structure for you when you’re in school,” Sehdev said. “I wouldn’t get through it if it wasn’t for family.”

CSUN and Silver State Schools Credit Union sponsored the weekend-long event designed to involve parents in the lives of students on campus.

Whole families were invited to attend a family friendly tailgate before Saturday’s football game featuring BBQ, drinks and entertainment. UNLV also made sure the event was alcohol-free and designed to accommodate younger siblings.

Tracy Smith stressed the importance of having family support while away at school.

“I just love having a supportive family,” Smith said, adding that most college students have a lot of growing up to do while in school and having a family around helps aid the process.

Family Weekend wound down Sunday with a day for parents and students to explore the Recreation and Wellness Center.

A Wii tournament was open to participants eager to showcase their superior skills at games such as Wii Bowling and Tiger Woods Golf.

Hosted by New Students and Parent Programs, Family Weekend set out to include parents in their student’s lives even while they are away at school.

Smith summed up her appreciation for family saying, “I don’t know how anybody could do it without a supportive family.”