International Education Week 

International Education Week starts today. Enjoy the food, culture and traditions of other cultures all week.

International Education Week, Winners of the Cross-Cultural Photo Contest

International Education Week, Winners of the Cross-Cultural Photo Contest

This year’s International Education Week runs Nov. 17 to Nov. 22 and UNLV has plenty of events in the works. International Education Week is a federally acknowledged event and more countries are getting involved.

UNLV has celebrated International Education Week for over a decade. Student Diversity Programs and Services (SDPS) hosts the event. This year SDPS is kicking International Education Week off with their special addition to the week, called “Around the World.”

“‘Around the World’ is the biggest part of the week, the kick off fair,” said Program Coordinator for International Student Programs Kevin Vicker. He may be right. “Around the World” is a fair that will be held in Pida Plaza on Nov. 17 at 11 a.m. It will have activities and games for anyone who wants to participate. “‘Around the World’ should get everyone excited about the rest of the week and all of the activities presented before them,” he said.

“Around the World” isn’t the only exciting program that is going on. Students will have many opportunities to learn about different cultures. SDPS will display the winners of a cross-cultural essay contest. Two grand prize winners will win $150 in RebelCash. The two categories are for essays written by students who learned English as a first language and those who learned it as a second language.

SDPS expects to make the week a success by getting everyone involved. SDPS is allowing student organizations and Greek Life to set up booths to show their organizations’ culture.

Thai Night and Indian Night are sure to please those with exotic tastes. Students can learn about the performing arts and traditions of these cultures while enjoying foreign food.

“The university wants to create the holistic student,” graduate assistant for leadership and service, Danielle Howard said.  “It is important that everyone has the op portunity to share their culture.”

From Foreign food to dance and art, this week is sure to be a welcome distraction from looming papers and finals.

Hungry and Homeless week will be incorporated into International Education Week because they overlap. A hunger banquet will be held on Wednesday in the Student Union Room 208. Attendees will learn about global hunger problems and how to make a difference. International Events Coordinator Bir Azam said, “we hope to learn and connect with each other.”

This program will hopefully encourage unity more than ever before. Together we can change this world and work together to make a better tomorrow, for diversity is a part of unity. Together we shall rise to a better tomorrow and accept and love each other as equals

“This program is meant to present and help people to accept and understand each other’s background,” Azam said. Although where we may live in the most diverse country on the planet, we still have so much to learn about each other.