TO THE MAXSON: UNR's Ault is right for once 


UNR’s football team proved itself with a big win against Louisiana Tech. In fact, the Wolf Pack had already qualified for a bowl game prior to that contest. But that doesn’t mean they deserve it.

No one stated this clearer than head coach Chris Ault.

In a Nov. 25 article in the Reno Gazette-Journal, Ault said that 6-6 teams don’t necessarily deserve to go to a bowl game.

“I’ve said that since they started this [in 2006],” said Ault, whose team was 6-6 last season and then lost to New Mexico, 23-0, in the New Mexico Bowl. “I said the same thing last year. It rewards mediocrity.”

In 2006, the Football Bowl Subdivision expanded the number of bowl games and set the minimum wins to qualify to six (for teams playing a 12 game schedule). It meant that teams playing in bowl games could leave with losing records, something that defeats the purpose of bowl games — to showcase the best football teams in the nation.

Though UNLV stood on the brink of bowl eligibility before it’s crushing defeat at San Diego State, the question crossed my mind no less than a dozen times. Does UNLV deserve a bowl game?

But as projections pointed at a trip to the Hawaii Bowl my skepticism became less important than my travel plans.

But in a year that’s witnessed the BCS computer determining the Big 12 championship match up and a presidential endorsement of a playoff system, it’s apparent that a reformatting of the FBS postseason is necessary.

Though it pains me to give any credit to the coach of the school up north, I have to say that Ault has it right. Teams that are 6-6 don’t deserve a bowl game, even if they wear scarlet and gray.