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The Rebel Yell readers voted fall the superior semester over spring and summer semesters. With fall semester, you’re still riding the coattails of summer. Plus, fall semester has more holidays, not to mention the fact the university put spring break so far into spring semester it has become pointless. The only good thing about spring semester?



Readers’ Pick: Crown & Anchor


They have pub trivia night. Enough said. Courtesy Photo

It’s called synergy.

If you break it down and just look at the parts, the Crown and Anchor is old, it’s dirty, the service is slow, the staff unfriendly and the patrons of questionable reputation.

But put them together and the Crown is great for exactly those reasons. There’s no pretending, no pretension, just a strange honesty that dares you not to like it. Add to that 30 beers on tap, more in bottles, dart boards, pool, chalkboards in the bathrooms, interesting people, Brits and soccer and it’s nearly impossible to dislike.

— Jesse Dabney

Rebel Yell Pick: Crown & Anchor

We go for the exhilaration of a soccer game.We go for quiz night. We go for a quick drink between classes. We go for the mix of people.

There are lawyers, engineers, burnouts and the nearly homeless. We go for a change of scenery. One of the best parts, despite its being chosen for Best Of, is that it’s not frequented by you people.

— Jesse Dabney


Readers’ Pick: High Roller Deli


We don’t want to think about what would have happened to you if you hadn’t voted for them. Courtesy Photo

High Roller Deli must have threatened to dish out some mean knuckle sandwiches because it won readers’ pick for best sandwich shop.

With owner Chef Vic Vegas basking in the win of his 2008 Food Network Challenge Big Bash Catering Championship, it’s no surprise that his deli won the coveted readers’ choice.

High Roller offers everything a college student would want in a nearby sandwich shop: atmosphere, free Wi-Fi, friendly service, reasonable prices and, of course, a variety of delicious food.

Vegas gives Italian-style food a modernized edge that’s shaper than his meat cleavers.

This deli even customizes meals for vegetarians and vegans, so everyone can enjoy the food served in this hot spot.

Incentives for students include a 10 percent discount, the option to use RebelCards and monthly drawings where one lucky student will win a free meal every day for a month.

“I always wanted to go to UNLV,” Vegas said. “Now because of this I feel like I am there.”

Open since October 2008, High Roller is increasing in popularity among UNLV campus dwellers. The deli and catering service, located at 4440 S. Maryland Parkway, is tucked away in the Promenade Center next to the 7-11 across from UNLV.

— Gregan Wingert


Readers’ Pick: Student Union


We could eat off these floors… if only the Student Union offered good food. Photo by Amy Adler

As much as I hate to admit it — I know it’s a part of life.

Going to the bathroom can be the most relaxing event of your day or the most embarrassing moment of your life. Most people don’t like to talk about their bathroom experiences, but we know how you feel. Comfort and privacy are key when it comes to bathrooms.

Almost everyone hates to use public restrooms — especially at work and at school. But, thankfully, an all-knowing higher power has provided us with at least one building on campus that has tolerable restrooms — the Student Union.

With its clean and uncrowded bathrooms, the SU has become a haven for Rebel bathroom-goers. The second and third floor bathrooms are probably the most attractive bathrooms on campus. Unlike bathrooms in other buildings (like BEH), these bathrooms rarely run out of supplies, don’t have any graffiti and tend to attract like-minded, clean people — you know what I mean.

You know a good bathroom when you see it. If you seek a bathroom where you can feel at-home, go to the SU. You’re almost guaranteed to have a good experience.

— Yamini Piplani


Rebel Yell Pick: Classifieds


We know that if we had listed classifieds as an option in this category, you would have picked it in mass as a joke. Well, turns out you picked the next closest thing to a joke — sports — as your favorite section. So, in turn, we selected classifieds as our favorite section.

We definitely didn’t select our news section, which has expanded its coverage and understanding of our campus organizations and events. Opinion makes our brains hurt with its relevant political and social commentary, which has provoked countless discussions online; it didn’t stand a chance. We didn’t even consider choosing the lifestyles section, which debuted last summer and brought several popular and thought-provoking columns. Finally, we grazed over A&E because, just like you, we hate having fun.

It makes sense, really. Classifieds brings in the cash consistently. Without it, we’d be printing on college-ruled loose-leaf paper. Those weird space-filler house advertisements with the cabbages or the cantina band from “Star Wars?” They don’t make us anything.

— April Corbin

Readers’ Pick: Sports

Evidently the meds have kicked in.

After a topsy-turvy year of exciting wins and devastating losses, dedicated readers of The Rebel Yell still saw it fit to give their approval of our most schizophrenic section — Sports.

Quality is a given — it’s in The Rebel Yell! So you must have been attracted to the subject matter… and that deeply disturbs us.

You can almost trace the sliding seasons just by reading the headlines — “Rebels maintaining momentum” gives way to “Bowl dreams turn to nightmares” or “Rougeau leads Rebs’ winning ways” sinks to “Bubble bursts on Rebels’ NCAA hopes.” May we get you a tissue? Prozac?

Maybe reading “To The MAXson” had some cathartic value, or skimming game recaps functioned as a coping mechanism, but depending on which way you view the glass… oh forget it, it’s half empty.

Of course, UNLV swimming, tennis and golf dominated, but the comment boards for those stories on our Web site remained eerily silent. However, venting and grieving over football and basketball was never in short supply.

If the popularity of the sports section is a reflection of your faith and hope in next year, then we salute you. But if your vote was cast on the reminiscence of this year, we sincerely implore you to seek professional help immediately.

— Eric Loy


Readers’ Pick: Barack Obama

Barack Obama

We’re just as surprised as you that Rebels supported a Democrat. Where’s Ron Paul when you need him? Courtesy Photo

Ah yes, and you thought the annoying presidential campaign was over… Well it was until The Rebel Yell hit you with the Best President ballot question in our Best of UNLV section.

Still, once again voters decided to ignore the fact that Barack Obama is a secret Islamofascist who hates Barney, bacon, puppies and marshmallows.

Notice how Obama went to Mexico, yet didn’t contract swine flu? It’s because he is an Islamian… right?

All you have to do is look at the evidence presented by your friendly and happy, optimistic neighborhood neo-conservative Republicans such as Rush Limbaugh and Pat “Y’all r goin ta hell” Robertson. First of all he’s friends with David Ayers, the place kicker for the Philadelphia Eagles and that’s not good.

He’s also a disciple of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. He secretly works for East India Trading Company who seek to control the high seas. Then of course he’s a member of the freemasons who are in turn run by the Illuminati and the eye above the pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill. Oh, and unemployment is nearly 10 percent.

Still, despite all this evidence, Obama still edged out Adam Cronis to win best president. Either he is a great politician or voters are still scarred by the memories of being chased around campus by Obama “campaign for change” supporters who broke the collective will of all students, making them all vote Democrat.

Either way, congratulations Obama. You may have beaten Cronis, but you may not be so lucky in 2012 in the rematch.

— Sharief Ali

Rebel Yell Pick: Adam Cronis

Adam Cronis

Cronis did not triumph over Obama, but he would beat McCain. File Photo

If you’ve ever seen Cronis walking around the Student Union shaking hands, kissing babies and helping old ladies cross the street, you might think that he’s just your run-of-the-mill phony politician. Soon after meeting with him, you’ll realize that he’s not. He’s a genuinely good man, good man.

While many members of CSUN have contributed to the student-led fight against budget cuts to the Nevada System of Higher Education, none have been more vocal or more visible than Cronis.

Of course, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Cronis — there have been issues raised over certain items he pushed through the Senate like emergency funding for student tickets to the Mountain West Conference basketball tournament — but still, Cronis has always put the interest of UNLV’s students first.

And this was apparent in two ways: For starters, Cronis ran unopposed for reelection this year because of his popularity, and secondly, he nearly beat out U.S. President Barack Obama in the “Best President” category of The Rebel Yell’s Best of UNLV ballot.

Cronis has raised the bar for accountability and professionalism in student government at UNLV. Whoever succeeds him next year will have two huge shoes to fill and will be hard-pressed to achieve such popularity.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, there is still a lot to do right now — and with the budget cuts looming over our university, it’s looking like an uphill battle. Let’s hope Cronis can lead the Senate and lead the way.

— Sharief Ali


Readers’ Pick: Tao


Tao was voted best nightclub. However, no Rebel Yell staff members are cool enough to get in. Courtesy Photo

Who doesn’t like over priced drinks and a strict “must look hot” dress code? Voted best nightclub on the Strip, Tao is known for its chic ambience, sexy go-go dancers and 40-foot outside terrace with an exceptional view down Las Vegas Boulevard.

Rebel Yell readers know that Tao offers better tasting $12 drinks than any other nightclub in Vegas. Although the vodka and cranberry libation tastes like every other you have had in your life, the fact that it is $12 makes it so much better.

Weekends are jam-packed with people and dancing is only possible if you push the drunk in front of you out of the way, but don’t let that deter your Tao extravaganza. Scantily dressed and in bathtubs, the ladies of Tao are easy on the eyes and offer great scenery.

Three rooms with different music allow you to choose your favorite dance tunes to get down and dirty.

But make sure to dress appropriately. The dress code is simple—look hot because if you don’t dress like you’re a millionaire on student’s budget, you’ll be turned away.

The “Other” category took second place. These included clubs such as Prive, XS, Body English and Anisa’s House.

— Shane Collins


Rebel Yell Pick: The Village Pub


This photo was taken with a camera phone, but it is still the best photo we have ever run in Rebel Yell history. PoOoOoOb! Photo by Sharief Ali

The Village Pub at the corner of Pecos Road and Flamingo Road has three great things about it. First and foremost, is the food.

The pub, as I refer to it, is open 24 hours a day, everyday of the week. At any time of the day, you can get a delicious meal of generous portions for less than $10. In fact, the pub was voted in the Best of Las Vegas survey for best meal less than $10.

You can get good quality at an incredibly low cost.

The only catch — you have to be at least 21 to get in. But if you’re over 21, you’re in luck.

The pub’s location seems a bit obscure — it’s inside The Cannery, which always looks closed — but it’s a nice treat when you go inside.

The second great thing about the pub is the friendly service. If you go in once a week or even once in a great while, you’re always recognized and made to feel at home.

And finally, the best thing about the pub is the fact that my brother and I found our dog there.

One night, about two months ago, my brother went to eat after work and saw a scared, frail toy fox terrier that began to cry and followed him around the parking lot.

My brother brought him home and he’s been our best friend ever since. His name is Willie, but everyone calls him Poob.

– Sharief Ali

Readers’ Pick: Chipotle


Chipotle’s Free Burrito Day won hearts and filled bellies. Our guess? If In-N-Out’s Free Burger Day hadn’t been a hoax, they may have given Chipotle a run for its carnitas. Courtesy Photo

Delicious. Filling. Utterly customizable.

For a place with such a small menu, Chipotle somehow manages to get it right in a multitude of combinations and configurations.

A burrito with chicken, pinto beans, ultra-hot sauce and extra guac? Sure thing. Want to keep it vegetarian? Or even vegan? Not a problem for the folks over at Chipotle.

But those are burritos. Want to ditch the tortilla and have the ingredients in a bowl? Or eat something more salad-like, with delicious vinaigrette dressing? Even if your perfect burrito is actually a taco for some reason, Chipotle has you covered with assembly line-like precision and speed – and chances are, you’ll be full for the rest of the day.

The items at Taco Bell might be cheaper and Yayo Taco might have more exotic eats, but if you seek a genuinely filling, satisfying and simple meal for a little more than six bucks (with RebelCard), nothing beats Chipotle. It’s no wonder that the line that forms around lunchtime frequently stretches out the door.

The Denver-based chain is the only place that comes close to achieving the platonic ideal of a burrito. Whatever that means to you, they’ll make it…. just make sure to ask for “a little extra rice,” unless you don’t mind the guy in front of you getting more than you.

— Jorge Labrador


Readers’ Pick: “From the Top Rope”

From the Top Rope

Last known photo of Sharief Ali. Courtesy Photo

Who knew that the dysfunctional made-up world of the WWE could be such an adequate model for discussing the political climate of the world?

For those who don’t know the history of this column, after a brief experiment with adulthood, The Rebel Yell’s own Sharief Ali was visited by an angel. This angel was actually Randy Orton who proceeded to punt Sharief in the head. Upon waking from a 10-day coma, Sharief was inspired to renew his allegiance for a childhood passion — professional wrestling.

But this time around, Sharief would put his graduate-level understanding of world politics to use and apply it to the WWE.


From this, readers were blessed with such intriguing nuggets of wisdom as the “Punch Your Boss, Keep Your Job” philosophy, a renewed distrust for the former Soviet Union and “Top 5” lists that included Sinbad and Arnold Schwarzenegger on several occasions. Combine that with top-notch graphics like the “Awesome Scale” and you’ve got some damn fine reading on your hands.

While this may be the end for “From the Top Rope” in The Rebel Yell, you can still sign up for its classroom edition in the fall under call number PSC 642.

— Eric Loy

Rebel Yell Pick: Banes & Notables

Banes & Notables

An over-the-top niche A&E column that has made several references to Abe Vigoda beat out the charming, witty and intelligent Banes & Notables column.

We… well, we minus Top Rope columnist Sharief Ali… would say this was unbelievable and downright unacceptable, but we’ve already learned from Banes & Notables that you should never expect too much from the everyday reader. Just as her customers always ignored her profound reading suggestions for the depthless flash of “Twilight” best sellers, the readers of The Rebel Yell chose wife punching and a renewed fear of the Soviet Union over the poignant life lessons learned as a humble book seller.

That’s OK. We will enjoy Courtney Waldron’s musings about life at the bookstore from the privacy of our quiet little nook — at least we know we won’t get hit over the head with a chair.

Waldron’s article has delighted readers, as well as her coworkers here at The Rebel Yell, since June 2008. Her topics have ranged from the joy of responsive customers to the best ways to aggravate retail employees.

Even after picking up the discarded coffee cups scattered around the bookstore and enduring obscure questions about “that one book with the green cover,” Waldron manages to remain optimistic and bright, once even expressing appreciation at having any job during the current recession.

Well, Courtney, you can always have a job writing Banes & Notable for The Rebel Yell… Until you graduate, anyway.

— April Corbin


Rebel Yell Pick: RHYME ‘N’ RHYTHM


If each of their members had voted for themselves 40 times, they would have easily won. File Photo

If you’re sick of the same-sounding techno/rap garbage spewing from the radio then consider Las Vegas locals Rhyme ‘n’ Rhythm the cure. This 10-piece monster of a music group features four emcees, a saxophone, keys, trombone, guitar, bass and drums. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re all pretty darn talented.

Rhyme ‘n’ Rhythm’s style is a complete departure from your 50 Cent and Lil’ Wayne collection – you won’t find empty drug references and blatant sexual marginalization here. Instead, as The Rebel Yell’s Tifani Tamayo writes, your ears will be blessed with “thought-provoking lyrics with jazzy, soulful and funky live instrumentation.”

Thankfully, aside from Rhyme ‘n’ Rhythm’s contribution of quality to the underground hip-hop scene, they’re also fairly prolific on the local circuit, playing shows often. If you haven’t grooved with them yet, catch these disciples of hip-hop at their official album launch party at Wasted Space in the Hard Rock on May 17. It’ll be like you’ve never listened to real music before.

— Eric Loy

Readers’ Pick: The Cab


The people have spoken and they want cute, scarf-wearing punky kids.

We’d love to say that Vegas-based The Cab just might be the next big thing out of Sin City but it looks like they’re already there. Making it on to Blender’s Top 100 Hot Report and being named “The Band You Need To Know 2008” by the Alternative Press was a decent start, but after being voted “Best Local Band” this year by Rebel Yell readers, it seems like nothing can stand in their way now.

Sure, their status as a “local band” might be dwindling, but as the most recent of Vegas bands to land deals and tours, why not give them a nice send off with a flurry of votes on the ol’ Rebel Yell Web site? Well, apparently there’s no reason at all, according to the readers.

Picture 10

In case you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to them live or visiting their MySpace, their original and inspired “pop punk” brand of music is incomparable and definitely sets itself apart from bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Cobra Starship, Plain White T’s, The All American Rejects, The Ataris, Forever The Sickest Kids, Yellowcard, The Starting Line, Something Corporate, Quietdrive, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, Motion City Soundtrack and Boys Like Girls.

— Eric Loy