Dessert in the desert 

Cool off this summer with some tasty treats from these top spots

Dessert in the desert

People beat the Vegas summer heat by cooling down with a tasty treat from Yogurtland at Town Sqaure. Photo by Mike Kelly

Vegas has two seasons: hot and cold. Now it’s hot.

Beating the heat isn’t easy, especially if you’re a college student whose car air-conditioning doesn’t work. All you need is a frosted fix. Take a look at our top five list of frozen treat parlors and chill—literally.

No. 5:  Cold Stone Creamery

Location: There’s one close to UNLV at 3310 East Flamingo Road

It’s an ice cream fanatic’s fantasy. Check your guilty conscience at the door and order whatever you want. like a Snickers bar smashed with cookie dough and brownie pieces in sweet cream ice cream, served in a waffle cone. You get what you pay for, so keep an eye on how much you’re spending. Cold Stone is a bit heavy on the wallet, but if you’re indulging you might as well go all out.

No. 4:  Yogurtland

Location: Town Square

Whether you’ve just seen a movie or you need a pick-me-up to continue stimulating the economy, journey into Yogurtland. There’s a plethora of different flavors that are rotated throughout the year. No one can go wrong with just plain vanilla, but since you’re the one filling your bowl, be adventurous and try a mix of fun flavors like mango, green tea and, what the heck, cheesecake. Then help yourself to some fruit toppings and maybe a dash of chocolate chips or even some cereal. Yogurtland charges by the weight of the bowl. There’s limited seating so once you’re set with your frozen piece of heaven, continue gallivanting the mall.

No. 3:  Golden Spoon

Location: There are a few locations, but try the one in Henderson at 10251 S. Eastern Ave.

Golden Spoon serves up frozen yogurt that looks good, tastes good and is good for you. Golden Spoon serves soft-serve, non-fat yogurt that tastes as good as ice cream, minus the guilt. The flavors change monthly, and this month, you can ask for double vanilla or a chocolate malt.

As for toppings, you can’t go wrong with fresh strawberries, walnuts or almonds and a slathering of hot fudge. The person behind the counter is sure to build you something pretty.

No. 2:  U-Swirl

Location: Try the new establishment at 305 N. Nellis Blvd.

U-Swirl is funky and fresh. The modern décor inside this yogurt joint is just as delightful as what they serve. Comfortable couches and lots of space makes U-Swirl ideal for hanging out with a group of friends.

Then there’s the yogurt. It’s good. But a word to the wise, don’t bother with the tart flavor.  Try the Tropical Jolly Rancher flavor — a sweet ice yogurt that’s great with some fresh fruit topping.

The setup is similar to Yogurtland; you serve yourself from wall yogurt dispensers and a toppings counter. Then you pay by the ounce, which can get pricy.

Enjoy the atmosphere and read fun facts about yogurt painted on the walls. U-Swirl’s slogan is most accurate: “It’s worth the weight.”

No. 1:  McDonald’s

Location: Every other street corner

Go ahead, slap the look of dazed confusion off your face. Our pockets our empty, so we’re keeping it sweet and simple this summer. McDonald’s is serving up soft serve as always and there’s no easier way to beat the midday sun then by splurging on a 99 cent vanilla cone. You can’t go wrong with cheap, especially when it tastes this good.

McDonald’s also features  the McFlurry, which are delicious. Try the Oreo McFlurry. The cup of soft serve and cookie crumbles is guaranteed to put a smile on any face.