We must continue to fund NASA 


Research, innovation cannot take back seat during money crunch

Our government knows that it’s running a little short on money.

In fact, it is safe to say that there probably isn’t that much money left. But our government should continue funding NASA and its endeavors.

I know that many of you are wondering why I could advocate funding NASA given our dire economic condition. NASA doesn’t do anything important for us, right?

Many people have the mentality that NASA isn’t an important part of society. But that is where many people are wrong: NASA has made several discoveries and scientific advances that have changed the way we live.

One of the most innovative discoveries that NASA is responsible for is the technology for MRIs and CAT scans. “MRI” stands for “magnetic resonance imaging” and it has revolutionized medicine, as the scans are non-invasive and provide exquisite images with excellent contrast detail.

MRI machines allow doctors to look into different parts of the body and detect the smallest details.

Without MRI or CAT scan technologies, the world of medicine and our world, would be a different place.

But some of you are still not convinced. What if I told you that your cell phones wouldn’t be what they are today without NASA?

Cell phones use satellites and those satellites are up in space. NASA’s space technologies are the ones that allowed those satellites to go up in space.

The Russians sent the first satellite to space and called it ‘Sputnik.’ But it only communicated one way, meaning it could only send a signal to Earth.

Soon after, NASA sent up the first two-way communication satellite and the rest is history. Thanks to satellites, we also have GPS.

And it was NASA that confirmed the existence of water on the moon less than a week ago — this could turn out to be one of the biggest discoveries so far.

Mentioned above are some of the big ways NASA has affected the world.

But there are many small ways that NASA has changed our everyday lives too: Scratch-proof lenses, memory foam, invisible braces, ear thermometers, shoe insoles, water filters and cordless tools are only a few of the technologies that were either refined or invented by NASA.

NASA projects push the limits of our science, so the government needs to keep funding them.

I have no doubt that NASA’s challenging missions and projects will help mankind reach unimagined heights.

These projects aren’t only important to science, but these scientific discoveries are important for American national security and could change the way we live on Earth.

Being at the forefront of technological innovation can keep the United States secure and safe.

We have always been the leaders of research and innovation. We’ve always had an edge in technological progress. Technology has driven us forward and it is projects like the ones that NASA pursues that will drive us into the future.

We cannot fall behind in this respect.

NASA is extremely important and cutting its funding will be the first step to America’s fall from the top of the innovation pyramid.