CATCH OF THE DAY: Super Bowl super bets 


The Super Bowl is one of the biggest betting days of the year. This year the list of prop bets seems endless.

The biggest NFL game is this Sunday and with that it means that it is time for the sportsbooks to put out their annual proposition bets this year.

The Super Bowl brings in a wealth of popularity in the casinos by itself, but the prop bets that come out bring in a different group of people — a group that may usually not bet.

You have the normal football bets, like who is going to win straight up, the over/under on total points in the game, and a team that is favored win — which is the Indianapolis Colts, by five and a half points. And usually, most casinos let you bet on the first and second halves.

Usually it ends there, but this is the Super Bowl.

This year, the Hilton Superbook put out a 26-page packet, more than 300 different scenarios, all about the special bets you can make before the big game. Some annual special bets that are always fun to bet on are the coin toss, if the first play is a pass or run and who will have the first penalty.

From there the bets start to take a life of their own and even include other sports, like who will have more: Kobe Bryant points vs. the Toronto Raptors OR Reggie Bush receiving yards in the Super Bowl.

Of the mass amount of bets one can make, a bettor is only able to parlay (a mixture of scenarios that all need to happen to win more money) 38 of the choices. In fact, there is a special sheet that just show the bets you are allowed to parlay.

Outside of the parlay bets, you will find the more ridiculous bets. And if you are in a big hurry and are looking for the best bets, I am here to here to help.

Don’t bet on overtime. Even though the payout is pretty good. There has never been an overtime game. I would also stay away from the chances of a safety in the game, even though both teams are big passing teams.

One of the weird bets I like is more Saints points vs. Rajon Rondo points — rebounds and assists in his game against the Orlando Magic. Another is Peyton Manning touchdown passes vs. Phil Mickelson’s fourth-round birdies. But my favorite bet in the whole packet is who the winning car number in the Bud Shootout in Daytona is over the total first-half points of the Saints’ and the Colts’.

So if you are looking to have a little more fun with the biggest football game this season, get down to your favorite sports book to find your own favorite bets.