71 faculty members accept severance package 


In an effort to cut salary costs and provide alternatives for faculty facing layoffs, UNLV offered an employee severance package.

The following 71 faculty members chose to accept one year’s pay in exchange for voluntarily leaving the university:

Robert Ackerman – associate professor, educational leadership
Margaret Ash – special assistant to the vice president
James Burger – associate director, finance and business
Nancy Cleveland – artist/designer
Carol Conder – assistant director of composition
Henry Crow – technician
Marilyn Ford – associate professor, curriculum and instruction
Sheldon Gary – transfer coordinator
Rowena Gonzalez – radiology safety technician
Douglas Grant – E.L. Cord Foundation professor of law
David Hickey – professor, English
Carole Hoefle – executive director for business, vice president for research and graduate studies
Richard Hoyt – professor, finance
Annette Kannenberg – business manager, hotel college
Robert Koettel – associate professor, psychology
Claude Lambertz – lecturer, food and beverage management
Margaret Louis – associate professor, school of nursing
Nancy Master – librarian
Audrey McCool – professor, food and beverage management
Eugene McGaugh – associate professor, electrical and computer engeneering
Laralee Nelson – librarian
Suzanne Sevalstad – lecturer, accounting
Wendy Starkweather – director, user services, library
Kenneth Teeters – assistant professor, hotel management
Virginia Usnick – associate professor, curriculum and instruction
William Wood – real estate management
Kathleen Adkins – administrative assistant
Arthur Banker – custodial supervisor
Batty Batchelder – administrative assistant
Debra Bellino – administrative assistant
William Calder – faculty supervisor
Karen Calder – program officer
Daniel Christian – electrician
Douglas Conn – HVACR specialist
Rosalinda Dawes – personnel technician
Lamont Downs – library technician
Michael Farnsworth – grounds maintainence worker
James Farrell – maintenance repair worker
Martha Gogert – administrative assistant
Rosalinda Gonzeles – administrative assistant
Lois Heaton – administrative assistant
Ramon Herrera – custodial worker
David Hoffman – grounds supervisor
Carol Hopkis – administrative assistant
Karen Humphlett – accounting assistant
Claudette Jamerson – administrative assistant
William Kruft – custodial worker
Carolyn Lizama – administrative assistant
Nancy Mathieu – administrative assistant
John Montgomery – maintainence repair worker
Catherine Moorhead – administrative assistant
Catherine Morales-Jackson – library assistant
Dixie Morrissey – administrative assistant
Richard Ott – equipment mechanic
Jimmy Perry – maintainence repair specialist
Jean Pettiford – grounds maintainence worker
Cynthia Reynolds – program officer
Leonard Rezac – senior development technician
Linda Robison – executive assistant
Denise Rodriguez – administrative assistant
Darrell Smith – electrician
Marjorie Speer – administrative assistant
Neanna Stefanelli – administrative assistant
Carol-Ann Swatling – library technician
Carol Thoreson – program officerr
Melius Tratos – IT professional
Charles Wines – accounting assistant
Thomas Young – maintainance repair worker

Two other staff members may have accepted the package, but The Rebel Yell was unable to confirm whether they remained in the program until its withdrawal deadline, by press time.