Nevada Assembly 


EDITOR’S NOTE: These elections took place on Tuesday, Nov. 2. These stories are for archive purpose only.


Mark Andrews, Independent American party

Andrews is a credit union vice president, who joined the Independent American Party 16 years ago. According to his website, he felt that the two leading political parties let personal agenda take over and candidates had “forgotten the proper role of government.”

Gary Fisher, Democrat

Fisher is a university professor and a 26-year Nevada resident.

He received his master’s and doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Washington.

Over the course of his career, he has authored six books and many professional journal articles.

If elected, Fisher would strive to make Nevada’s two universities top research institutions through increased education funding.

He hopes that improvements would attract the attention of big businesses both for employment and additional funding.

In addition to promoting employment through education, Fisher is also in favor of offering big businesses tax incentives for relocating to Nevada.

This, coupled with supporting government projects, he hopes, will boost the economy.

Lastly, Fisher believes that Nevada does not need an immigration law that mirrors Arizona’s.

According to his website, he believes that the measures stated in this law are discriminatory and that “it is wrong to make assumptions based on what someone looks like or what language they speak.”


McArthur, a 15-year Las Vegas resident, is a retired FBI Agent and Air Force pilot.

He ran for State Assembly and state treasurer twice but attempts at election were unsuccessful.

In terms of immigration, McArthur proposes that Nevada enact an immigration law similar to Arizona’s new law.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, he supports “outcome-based funding” and taxing any business or company that makes more than $100,000 in yearly profit.