Miami Heat steal another Cleveland baller 


If you’re anything like me when Transformers came out in 2007, showcasing the unknown (but stunning) Megan Fox, you went home and googled the mysterious, albeit intriguing prospect that caught your eye.

Also, if you’re anything like me, when the Miami Heat acquired relative unknown Cleveland State point guard Norris Cole in the 2011 NBA draft, you googled the underrated potential star that piqued your interest.

After glancing over a few tweets from fans, media members and basketball analysts, it seems as though Miami has once again hijacked a Cleveland star.

Reports on the 6’1” diamond in the rough Cole indicate that there were talks of him being selected as high as 21, and that many teams viewed him as a top-4 or top-5 point guard in this draft (which is saying something, considering the point guard position is considerably the deepest position in the draft this year.)

Miami has a budding star in point guard Mario Chalmers, who likely will bolt if/when free agency begins. Remember, players who gain notoriety for stepping up in the spotlight of the playoffs in any sport notoriously earn larger contracts the following season from other teams.

Sensing this impending void at the position, Miami didn’t overreact and trade a key piece of their obvious championship-caliber roster to select any of the “top tier” point guards with phenomenally high bust-rates.

Rather, Miami sat back and waited for the opportunity to swoop in and nab a player that may very well end up being the best of a weak draft class, after we reevaluate the draft in five years.

On a night that featured so many trades of picks for players, and teams selecting players for other teams to trades to another team–wait, what?–it is hard to gauge right now which teams are draft night winners and which teams missed the boat.

All I know is, for every super duper athletic big man–Bismack Biyombo–I’ll show you ten Kwame Browns. For every can’t-miss international star–Enes Kanter–I’ll show you guys like Boštjan Nachbar and 2002 fifth overall pick Nikoloz Tskitishvili.

When everyone raves about the hype and measurables of certain prospects, I’ll take the guy–Norris Cole–who has “hard working, coachable” on his scouting report, any day of the week.