Dessert art show is a sweet sensation 

“Let Them Eat Cake” exhibit is an eclectic mix of bold and fun

Courtesy Photo

With National Dessert Month and the anniversary of Marie Antoinette’s death in October, it seemed fitting to have an exhibit dedicated to dessert-inspired artwork. Sunday began the new showcase inside the Barrick Museum, which was named after Marie Antoinette’s infamous quote, “Let Them Eat Cake.”

Here are some pieces that tickled our taste buds.

Cherry on Top by Camden Coxson
This clever painting shows a boy feverishly eating an entire cake. The painting reminds the extreme hunger pangs everyone experiences from time to time. The boy’s desperation to devour the cake can be seen in his eyes and from the icing smeared onto the lower edges of the painting, too.

Marie Cuts the Cake by Edwin Davis
An ordinary two-dimensional painting was not enough for Edwin Davis. In his 3-D painting, it shows Marie Antoinette holding an actual plate of sliced cake. Instead of a knife, Davis ingeniously uses a miniature guillotine to slice the cake.

Strawberry Shirtcake by Salley Maddox Benoit Sawyer
Sawyer’s love of fabrics in her artwork is eminent in her piece. Sawyer puts an artistic spin on America’s classic cake. She fuses her paint strokes with an actual T-shirt to create an ethereal feel on her take of the classic cake.

Red Velvet Revolution by Lorraine Leslie
1/3 painting, 1/3 collage and 1/3 anarchy, Leslie artfully combines the three to create her masterpiece. In the midst of the flames, statues, and soldiers, rests a red velvet cake, the seemingly clashing elements cohesively blend together.

“Let Them Eat Cake” will be open until Dec. 9 at the Barrick Museum of Natural History.