The Pin Cushion: Details & Fashion, the perfect match. 

Courtesy of is a time and place for every outfit. Even the most outrageous costume of a gown has a home: Just ask Lady Gaga. I’m a notorious people-watcher, and most of what I’ve learned about fashion is derived from my observations of everyday people. For example, I was at the bank a few days ago and noticed a teller who would be stunning if only she’d take better care of her skin and shave her mustache. As much as I wanted to pull out my emergency style kit, I refrained from saying anything.

Courtesy of www.discountunderwear.netDetails and fashion are like cosmic soulmates. If the bank teller went out for drinks with her girlfriends and slipped into a sexy Alexander Wang cocktail dress, she would still be the girl with a mustache and wearing a dress, not the stunning glamazon I know she could be. There is a major difference. The hair on her upper lip would upstage the dress. To avoid being upstaged, follow these tips to help you refine your look.

Courtesy of facesofallure.tumbr.comLets face it: We all have nose hair. It is never courteous to omit trimming during your daily shave. A trim takes a few seconds, and will go a long way. Gentlemen, they say manscaping is a vital component to a healthy sex life for a reason. No one likes to visit a forest in the dark without a clear pathway home… I’m just sayin’.

Wearing makeup is a nice way to complete your daily look, but be careful not to cake it on. In my opinion, makeup should enhance your features, not hide them or create new ones. Courtesy of Nothing makes me want to take out a wet wipe more than when I see a beautiful woman with too much foundation, too dark of eye liner, the wrong color of blush, excessive mascara or disproportionate penciled eye brows. Wear your makeup; don’t let your makeup wear you. Visit your nearest cosmetic counter for helpful tips on makeup application. Bobbi Brown is a good choice because the line does natural, beautiful and glamorous all at the same time.

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Trends are awesome, especially when you make them your own. Yet, you would never want to try them all at once. For example, animal prints are hot right now. It would be a bit much to wear an animal print, lace, a bright color, sequence, a maxi skirt and faux fur all at once. Instead, select one or two at a time. Accessories can make or break any outfit. Courtesy of The art of accessorizing is a delicate matter. Sometimes an outfit needs a ton of accessories, other times it only needs a few or none at all. The art is discerning the difference; the only way to master this art is to practice.

Please don’t think I’m just a malicious fashionista out to judge everyone. I’m just a fashion obsessed, shopaholic gentleman who wants to look stunning at all times and teach others to do the same.