CSUN spends to replace stolen computers, upgrade 


Marketing design director says he could not do his job as well without two iMacs and a Dell

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The CSUN Senate approved an expenditure of $4,300 to buy three new computers for use by the two CSUN marketing directors on Monday.

The computers will replace two others stolen from the directors’ chambers on Nov. 16 and one device that marketing design director Matthew Engh said runs too slow.

A report on the incident was filed with UNLV Police Services and CSUN submitted surveillance footage of a possible suspect as part of the case.

The cost of replacing the computers is not covered by UNLV’s insurance because it did not clear the $5,000 deductible.

But the insurance protection would have been voided regardless of the cost because the doors to the rooms the computers were taken from were left open.

Health sciences senator Rachel Stephens opposed the expenditure.
“The students are spending money due to negligence in this office,” she said.

Engh argued that because the money will be taken from the CSUN Operating Budget, which funds the organization’s internal activities, students would not have seen those dollars anyway.

Before making their decisions, senators asked Engh whether he and Marketing Promotions director Diana Duangnet Fisher could make do with cheaper computers that CSUN already owns.

“If we keep dwindling the computers, it will reduce the workspace for you guys,” said senate president Matthew Fennell to representatives.
He also said that “not many computers are functioning in the senate chambers.”

Engh told the senate that the directors need both a 21-inch iMac and a 27-inch iMac because the smaller device “won’t be able to handle as [many] graphics at one time.”

He pointed out that UNLV graphic arts students are trained on Macs.
Engh said the UNLV Office of Information Technology advised him that it would cost almost as much to repair the Dell that he and Marketing Promotions director Duangnet Fisher currently use, which he said runs slow, than it would to buy a new computer.

Business manager Savannah Baltera assured CSUN that the purchases would be made thoughtfully.

“We wouldn’t just go out to Best Buy and purchase a Dell at full price,” she said.

Fourteen senators voted for the purchase and nine opposed it.

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