CSUN to offer students tickets to basketball tourney 

CSUN will spend $10,000 to purchase Mountain West Conference Tournament tickets to provide to students.

The funding will provide 366 tickets, which will be distributed in the CSUN office on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Director of Campus Life Carly Shadid originally asked for $8,000, but representatives approved an amendment to increase the amount with a vote of 19-2-0.

Liberal arts senator Rachel Stephens and engineering senator Louis Pombo opposed the amendment, but the total expenditure was approved unanimously.

Senate says yes to elections operations, promotion costs

The CSUN Senate approved a total expenditure of $9,218 to put on the primary and general executive board elections that will take place in March and April.

All but $1,000 of the sum will be spent on compensation and food for professional poll workers and to provide for candidate debate forums and emergency planning.

The senate approved $8,218 worth of the total unanimously.

The remaining money will buy candy and “I voted” stickers that will be distributed at polling stations.

Elections director Katie Sears asked the senate for $3,500 to market the elections, explaining plans to provide Sno-Cones to voters through an outside vendor — a tactic she said worked during the fall senate elections to draw student participation.

But representatives voted 12-9-1 to amend the amount and then 15-4-2 to approve the $1,000 expenditure.

Sears said that the 2011 executive board elections cost CSUN $10,000.

She said that the Elections budget was cut by $8,655 for the current academic year and that her account currently contains $3,218.

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