Sambalatte deserves some attention 


The first coffee joint reviewed in our series of local shops is a ‘latte’ fun

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Several issues ago, The Rebel Yell covered the two most popular coffee shops around — Starbucks and the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf — but over the next few issues we’ll be taking a look into some  independent, local coffee shops located around Las Vegas and deciding which one is best.

Nestled in the shopping and dining extravaganza of Boca Park (which borders Summerlin, for you non-Westsiders) lies the delectably comfortable atmosphere of Sambalatte Torrefazione.

Sambalatte is no Starbucks. Walking up to it, one notices the outside patio rivals the entire interior of competitors, and walking inside, it only gets larger. Yet while some might associate an oversized anything to be of Walmart quality, Sambalatte is certainly not, both in decor and atmosphere, nor in quality and taste, as one would expect.  And of course not in price.

[flickr id=”6947442406″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”original” group=”” align=”left”]Although many of the high-end locations inside the cosmopolitan complex of Boca Park are of a similarly high-end price, which one would expect, Sambalatte’s prices are quite fair given what it offers. Take for example the hot mocha latte adorned with some of the coolest “coffee art” I’ve ever seen, which runs at $4.10, tastes superb and will add a strong jolt to those of us needing some extra energy. To-go cups and containers are also available for all drinks, but if you’re in the area it’s best to take a break and relax.

A quick coffee craving can easily be changed into an enjoyable and relaxing afternoon out too. Bookcases and newsstands are set up around the location, full of plenty of interesting magazines and even plenty of novels. Heading upstairs leads to even more bookcases, and a feel of some sort of private, extravagant library, which is all at one’s disposal. Alone in a corner next to a big-screen TV are board games like Monopoly and Pictionary.

Aside from a wide range of coffee offerings (which can also be made in special styles such as the aero press, French press and so on) are plenty of teas and other specialty and seasonal drinks to satisfy just about any thirst, and a plethora of decadent pastries and delicious sandwiches.

While I generally end up at Sambalatte for early hour or mid-afternoon study sessions, if you visit in the evening you might get lucky enough to catch some live music, which, in the past has managed not to be too invasive but perfectly enjoyable.

Despite the ability to accommodate several dozen coffee connoisseurs, on early weekend mornings Sambalatte can still manage to pack up quite a bit, but one can almost surely find a spot to sit down and enjoy the experience ­— and if not, well, Lee’s is around the corner for an early night start.

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