Three companies tell you what you need to know to get hired 

The Rebel Yell explored the UNLV Fall Career Fair on Oct. 9 and spoke with three diverse companies to find out how students can make the most of this opportunity and what different companies look for in applicants. We want you to get a job.

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Zappos: An online retail company that is looking for 2013 summer interns.

RY: What do you look for in students who approach your table?
Z: We’re more looking to see [if you will] play with our dart gun here. Just liven up and just have fun with us. That’s really what we’re looking for. We know that you’re young and you’re probably gonna start at an entry-level position, so you might not have all the experience, but if you’re willing to work hard and learn and have a good time, too, then that’s what we’re looking for.

RY: How would you describe Zappo’s experience at the Career Fair?

Z: The Career Fair’s been great. The thing with it is it’s got a very wide variety. So you have your very entry level freshmen students that are eager to get going which is awesome. We don’t push them away. We definitely want to encourage them to come back. But since we’re such a fairly new program, we’re looking only specifically for undergraduates in junior and senior status. The ultimate reason we do that is because this is a path to lead to full-time, so we don’t want to make a hire too far out in advance.

RY: What skills do students need to have in order to qualify for a position at Zappos?

Z: [Based] on the job description we are going to look if you match some of those criteria. So one of them is, “Do you know Java? If you don’t know Java, unfortunately, that doesn’t meet the technical side. That’s a job description we can’t go outside of. Same with merchandising. “Do you have any experience in the retail field?” We’re going to look at that stuff.


Mass Mutual: Fullservices financial planning firm that deals with insurance and investments. They were looking for potential career advisors and six month interns.

RY: What qualities do you look for in potential employees?

MM: We’re always looking for motivated, high-energy, entrepreneurial type people. This business isn’t for everybody, but for the right person, it’s fantastic. We found quite a few here today.

RY: How can a student get a job at Mass Mutual?
MM: Well, we like to see what they’re studying and see if it fits. If it is a good fit, we’ll ask for their resume and look at their information. We ask them questions [and] answer any questions that they have and then try to set up a time in the near future to get together.

RY: So would you say coming here with a resume is best?

MM: Absolutely. We’re always looking for people that are professionally dressed. I think that’s a huge feather in the cap. You go to an interview as if you were going to the job on day one. I think that’s very very important


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Resource Corporation of America: a health care financial company that works with hospital facilities to determine if their self-pay or uninsured patients qualify for any government assistance programs.

RY: What do you look for in a potential employee?

RCA: Basically I look for customer service experience, compassion to work with a diverse population — [the] low-income [and] mentally-ill — that type of population. Basically, that’s about it. Everything else I can try and work with.

RY: What characteristics do you look for in a student who approaches your table?

RCA: The way they approach the table [and] their confidence level. Resume is good. Just basically overall personality. I need somebody outgoing who’s going to ask a lot of questions and who’s going to be comfortable enough to approach patients and be able to explain [things].

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