UNLV CHEERS {and jeers} 



These last few weeks on and around UNLV have been pretty eventful. Some rose to the occasion, while others couldn’t say the same.

Cheers to the UNLV football team for getting their second win of the season in front of their home crowd.

Cheers to the campaigning efforts on campus by both political parties. The youth vote is important, and we’re glad that fact is so evident.

Cheers to the CSUN Judicial Council for making the tough decision to invalidate the election and holding involved parties accountable.

Cheers to OCED and Rebel Pride Council for all their hard work to make the Homecoming Week festivities successful.



Jeers to the UNLV student body for not showing up to the Homecoming football game. 12,000 reported for a big game like this? We can do better.

Jeers to anyone over 18 who isn’t voting in this year’s election. Your vote counts.

Jeers to CSUN for not following procedure for the senate elections, resulting in an invalidation.

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