CSUN’s outspoken engineering senator sat down with The Rebel Yell to talk about his most distinguishable characteristic.

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The Rebel Yell: You’re pretty famous around campus for that fabulous hair of yours. Have you always had it that long? Why do you keep it like that?
Lou Pombo: Why thank you. I get randomly identified by it at social events sometimes. People that have met me after I was about 16 say the same thing, and five years is a long time to look in a mirror every day and see it there. It’s a little difficult to imagine life without it.

RY: What do other members of CSUN think about it?
LP: I’m not right sure, but from what I can recall when people weighed in during my early term in CSUN, they, like most people, find it unique. I get a lot of “hippy” comments at first, and, “Oh, I love your hair,” and, “Your hair is so nice.” Over time, though, the random comments fade. It’s certainly not what defines me, but it does add a unique identifiability to my personality.
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RY: Could you ever imagine cutting it?
LP: I can imagine doing so if it becomes apparent that it’s preventing me from getting gainful employment. I quite enjoy it, and I probably won’t cut if I don’t have to.

RY: Has there ever been a time when it has been a burden or problem?
LP: I play sports, especially bike polo, and that’s mostly the only time. In the summer it gets a little intense, but it’s manageable except for just a few months out of the year. I see it as a small price to pay.

RY: A few of the girls at The Rebel Yell wanted to know what kind of shampoo you use.
LP: I typically use Axe 2-in-1. The secret to good long hair on a guy is actually washing it. You know how on the bottle it says lather, rinse and repeat? I don’t repeat.

RY: Was that a Lizzie McGuire reference?
LP: You’re good.

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