After the initial CSUN Senate Election for the 2012-13 academic year was invalidated by the undergraduate student government’s Judicial Council, the second election to fill the 43rd Senate Session will take place Nov. 28 and 29.

The council based their Oct. 10 decision on several different items, which includes the CSUN election board’s operating policy, elections ballots, booths and online voting, the accountability of elections board members and the senate elections as a whole, some of which involved misconduct.

CSUN vice president Sara Farr, who reassigned elections duties from Nevada Student Affairs (NSA) director Jessica Lujan to herself during a Oct.1 senate meeting, cited lack of communication as reason for the missteps leading to the Oct. 3 and 4 senate election.

NSA assistant director Jessica Recarey has since been appointed elections coordinator after Lujan was removed as elections supervisor. CSUN senate president Jay Yoon now oversees elections activities.

Forty-one candidates ran to fill 25 senate seats during the first election. Seventeen of the initial candidates were running for re-election — less than half of the those running in the election. Currently, 48 senate hopefuls are seeking to become senators. A significant amount of incumbents did not resubmit paperwork to run in the second election, as only 11 are seeking another term.

The CSUN Senate election will be held Nov. 28 and 29.

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