To the Editor,

I am absolutely disgusted with the negligence of the Rebel Yell for publishing Jose Garcia’s libelous letter about me. His letter was nothing more than a character attack built on hearsay.

The Rebel Yell has set a dangerous precedent, opening the doors to allow anyone with an ax to grind a forum to publish what amounts to unsubstantiated gossip. This puts both the university at risk of a libel lawsuit and, in the age of the Internet, causes irreparable damage to the victim’s reputation.

Neither Jose Garcia nor the Rebel Yell ever contacted me to get my side of the story prior to the letter being published in the Rebel Yell. Publishing his letter was extremely negligent as Jose Garcia falsely accused me of being a cause for him to fear for his safety, and that I (again falsely) “attack, humiliate and silence people.” These accusations could not be further from the truth.

As a CSUN employee, we’re sworn to uphold not only UNLV’s rules but state and federal law.

Federal law states that if a person doesn’t hold refugee status, a visa, green card or citizenship, that person has immigrated contrary to the laws of this country. What that person is doing is illegally immigrating and breaking this country’s laws.

Hiring a person who is not authorized to be in this country is a crime. This university could be fined, and the person in charge of hiring that person could be charged with a felony. I absolutely will do everything in my power to ensure that my department is in compliance with the law.

As both a senator, the Rules & Ethics chairman, and the vice-chairman for both the Ways & Means committee and the Constitutional Revisions committee, it is my job to protect both this university, CSUN, our student body and our employees from inadvertently breaking the law.

CSUN’s Ways & Means committee manages $1.2 million dollars. If CSUN breaks the law and is subject to a hefty fine, that student money is at risk. As vice-chairman, it is my job to look into matters that could put this student money in jeopardy.

As the chairman of the Rules & Ethics committee, I, above any other senator, must look into matters where the law that each and every member is sworn to uphold, is being broken.

Jose Garcia not only flaunted the fact the he was “undocumented” as a part of his campaign materials on Facebook, but has openly admitted, in public record, that he is breaking federal law.

-Rachel Stephens


To the Editor,

I write this letter in response to Jose Garcia’s letter in last Monday’s issue, in order to set the record straight and ensure that his blatantly false accusations do not go unchallenged.

Rather than exhibit maturity and professionalism by speaking with outgoing — and graduating – Senator Stephens regarding her alleged comments, Mr. Garcia used this as an opportunity to publicly attack other members of CSUN and his CSUN Senate Election opponents who have nothing to do with this issue.

He painted a picture of CSUN as racist by association, and an organization that “continues to offend and disempower the UNLV student population.” Mr. Garcia also implied a connection between those same individuals and the recently invalidated senate election, apparently unaware of the facts.

Finally, he claimed I have done “nothing to effectively better the campus community,” and stated that CSUN under my leadership has “engaged in a number of campaigns that attack, humiliate, and silence specific people,” while providing zero examples.

Here are the facts:
I ran for CSUN Senate in 2011 and CSUN President in 2012 to fix student government, and in doing so created the Rebels United ticket by bringing together students from all walks of life. For too long, CSUN had been run by those who cared more about their friends and their own paychecks than representing all students. Despite Garcia’s claims, I have never run on the same ticket as Sen. Stephens and we are not friends. He would know these things if he had remained involved with CSUN after students chose not to re-elect him in 2011.

The students spoke. Rebels United won both elections overwhelmingly.

In 120 days my executive board and I, along with the senate, reduced CSUN salaries by 21 percent while adding 14 positions, helped the Rebel Yell become independent of student government, and passed a constitutional revision lowering the CSUN fee. Together, these will save students $245,000.

We also created a new Student Involvement directorship to better engage students and organizations, reinstated free bus rides to Rebels home football games, launched a daily marketing table on campus where students can meet CSUN officials, and increased scholarships 20% adding research and development, non-traditional student, summer session, and permanent textbook scholarships.

These are the facts. These are the accomplishments that Mr. Garcia calls “nothing,” and finds so offensive to the student body.

I resent the implication that CSUN is somehow racist because an individual allegedly made an offensive comment that was transmitted via gossip. This edition of CSUN is one of the most diverse in history, and I am proud of the work we’ve done this year for all students.

The truth is that Jose Garcia doesn’t like people with whom he disagrees politically, and he is willing to do anything to destroy them in order to regain his seat in the CSUN Senate.

How unfortunate.

-Mark Ciavola


To the Editor,

I find it absolutely appalling that any newspaper would print the “Letter to the Editor” written by Jose Ramon Garcia. It shows a complete lack of understanding of the journalistic process and reads more like a tabloid rag than a reputable college newspaper.

I would like to start off by stating that I personally know Rachel Stephens from our work with UNLV TV. I have never known her to be anything more than professional and courteous. Even though we don’t agree on everything she has always maintained a respectable attitude and has never devolved into personal attacks. I would also like you to know that I am not affiliated with CSUN or any of the offices related to them. Nor do I support any particular CSUN office or officer. I’m a student who knows irresponsible journalism when he sees it.

The letter paints Miss Stephens as a racist xenophobe who wants nothing more than to deport illegal immigrants from this country. And, despite stating otherwise, this letter is asking the reader to sympathize with the writer, Mr. Garcia. You can’t make that statement when you’ve spent the previous three paragraphs explaining what you have done on campus and the harsh background you came from. It doesn’t fly.

I wonder if anyone actually went and talked to Miss Stephens in order to find out what actually happened before this “piece” was run. You know, actually practice journalism.

Since when did the hearsay of three people become solid evidence to condemn someone in the media? Who are these senators? How are we to know that they do not have an axe to grind? What is the motive behind this? These are the questions any journalists should have asked themselves when looking at something like this. Instead, it looks as if it was run with blatant disregard for the truth.

I hope that this newspaper realizes that it made a mistake and takes the space necessary to apologize for this mistake.

-Robert Roselle III

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  1. Sam

    Funny to see the CSUN senators squirm and scramble to put out the fire on their reputations. I really have no opinion in this matter–I don’t care for the CSUN senators, nor do I have any sympathy for Jose–but I do derive entertainment from reading these letters. Thank you, Rebel Yell, for publishing this comical exchange.


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