IGN Pro Gaming League returns to Cosmo 

Even if you’re just looking to people-watch, IPL5 is without a doubt going to excite the many that attend

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Naturally, one of the fast growing topics in gaming is e-sports. Riding on the excitement of the release of Starcraft 2, IGN hosted their first IPL, or IGN Pro League, in August 2011.

The games were played out before the initial stream broadcast, and knowing the internet, the results leaked hours before the world saw the first match play out. The prize pool was a respectable $2,500 and consisted predominantly of North American players.

Flash forward to IPL4 earlier this spring, which marked the first large scale e-sports tournament Las Vegas has played host to outside of EVO Gaming. The meager 16-man bracket exploded into a 128-man StarCraft 2 tournament, spanning over three days and with players from six different countries fighting for the $40,000 first prize.

IPL 4 also commemorated the entry of League of Legends into the games played at IPL. The turnout was so huge for the fastest growing game in e-sports that spectators filled the convention hall and even spilled out into the hallway.

The reception was so stellar from IPL4 that a repeat performance was requested. This Friday through Sunday, IPL will once again take over the luxurious Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. Pro League of Legends and StarCraft 2 players from all across the world will be in attendance to fight for the hefty prize pools.

A new game, Shootmania, has also been added to the lineup. Shootmania is a first-person shooter with its heart rooted in MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) style gameplay.

In addition to the new game, IPL5 has two special events planned for attendees.

League of Legends fans will enjoy watching the “East vs. West” showdown as the top players from North American servers team up against the top players from the Asian servers. Starcraft fans will squeal with delight as the top players from the world renowned GSL StarCraft league, will be competing for the title of best in the world.

So, don your Teemo hats, grab your thunder sticks and head out to the Cosmopolitan this weekend to spur the growth of E-Sports. If you’ve never been to an e-sports event before, this is the perfect event to cut your teeth on.

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