Runnin’ Rebels extinguish Anteaters 

UNLV basketball team defeats UC Irvine 85-57 to extend their home winning streak to two games

For UNLV to reach their massive potential, they have to follow their mantra and “run as one.”

Against the University of California Irvine, they took a big step in that direction. [flickr id=”8228523239″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”large” group=”” align=”right”]

On a night that wasn’t filled with highlight reel plays, it was tough defense and efficiency that led the Rebels to an 85-57 victory.

The Rebels had their most efficient game of the season as they assisted on 22 baskets and only had seven turnovers

“I’m very pleased with our effort and efficiency throughout the entire game,” said head coach Dave Rice. “Tonight the thing I’m proudest of is the low amount of turnovers. We want to get out and run and be more efficient and when you only turn the ball over seven times, that’s a very good number for us.”

The difference between this game and the previous four games the Rebels have played is that they looked for the extra pass rather than the quick shot.

Anthony Marshall led the Rebels with nine assists, but it was the play of Anthony Bennett and Mike Moser that broke the game open.

When UCI tried to go to a zone defense against the Rebels, it was Moser that made them pay.

“After this weekend we got in the lab and worked on attacking the zone,” Moser said. “I feel like them zoning today almost hurt them.”

Moser and Bennett led the Rebels with 19 points each, and the chemistry that they are building is easy to see.

“Anthony is 6 feet 9 inches. He can bounce it, shoot it, or if you get too close he’ll dunk on your head and flex afterwards,” Moser said. “He’s talented and really our go-to guy.”

Rice pointed to the fact that Bennett and Moser are roommates as reason for their budding chemistry.

“Mike and I talk a lot on and off the court,” Bennett said. “I’m sure there will be a lot more games that we will be more efficient and get more rebounds.”

The Rebels won the battle on the glass, outrebounding UCI 44-39, thanks in big part to Moser and Bennett, who combined for 15 rebounds.

UNLV will look to extend their new home winning streak to three games and get their fifth win on Saturday as their former Mountain West Conference foe, University of Hawai’i, comes into town.

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