Parker offers run-of-the-mill action thrills 

Jason Statham stars in a thriller you’ve surely seen before

Jason Statham stars as the modern-day Robin Hood in his new film, Parker, originally released Jan. 25. As always, he plays a tough criminal who has a soft side for the ladies. [flickr id=”8443882480″ thumbnail=”original” overlay=”true” size=”original” group=”” align=”right”]

The movie starts out with a robbery at an Ohio State Fair with Parker as the criminal mastermind. He is supported by four other men whose true intentions are unclear at first.

After executing the robbery, the team drives off, leaving behind them a fierce explosion.

The plot truly begins when the crime team turns on Parker, and leaves him for dead when he denies their plan to perform another robbery. Angry and wounded, Parker then plots revenge on the four men and sets out to get his cut of the money back.

As the film develops, it is unveiled that the four men have a jewelry heist in store. With the help of a local realtor, played by Jennifer Lopez, Parker prepares to get his share back and then some.

Revenge is the obvious, consistent theme throughout the movie. But by looking further into the film, there is certainly an underlying theme of doing what’s right. But, the definition of “right” is always in question.

Parker may do the right things, but he does them in all the wrong ways. He vows to never kill a man who hasn’t tried to kill him first. His criminal ideology is further illustrated when Parker states that he “only takes from the rich what they won’t miss.”

Parker is a complex character: He is a criminal who commits robberies for a living, but who also saves several lives and vows to pay back those who have helped him.

Jennifer Lopez’s return to acting was not a complete flop, but it definitely was not an Academy Award-winning performance. Stepping away from her usual romantic comedies, it was interesting to see Lopez in a more austere role. Her character lightened the mood of the film by adding a comedic side to the rough-and-tumble action scenes.

Parker was clear and intriguing for an action flick, but there were details that left the movie lacking in particular areas. The film was fast-paced with few moments for dozing off, but Parker is certainly not something worth watching a second time.

Overall, it was neither a terrible movie nor a classic. It was just the same old Statham in the same old movie.

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