New group operates dorms 

AVS partners with UNLV to rennovate and maintain residence halls BY EDWARD HUYNH AND NICK HUMMEL

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The UNLV Residence Halls recently partnered with AVS Group to share maintenance and operations responsibilities. AVS has been working in the dorms since Jan. 1 of this year.

“It’s a relationship like our food services,” said Gerry Bomotti, Senior Vice President for Finance and Business.

UNLV’s relationship with AVS is akin to the one it has with Panda Express. Panda Express works with UNLV to serve food to students but is not a part of the university. The bookstore is also contracted to outside services.

AVS, a conglomerate of many companies, works with UNLV to secure housing for students. Bomotti said he trusts in the ability of the company because they are partnered with housing near campus.

“[We are] letting an expert deal with marketing and housing plans on campus,” Bomotti said. He said he is confident that both UNLV and AVS will benefit from the agreement.

According to Bomotti, the goal of the contract with AVS is to get more students to live in the dorms and help manage the facilities. They will not, however, deal with student affairs, such as counseling.

Kyle Broyard, a resident advisor at Dayton Complex, confirmed that AVS has already begun custodial maintenance in the dorms. He said that AVS not only intends to improve the quality of the dorms for current residents, but also for incoming freshmen.

Costs for residential living have not increased since the partnership.

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“Beyond next year, the goal is to keep prices as low as possible, but it is too soon to project how much operating costs will increase,” said Jennifer Gray, Student Affairs contract manager. “If costs increase substantially, a rate increase may be necessary.”

According to Bomotti, plans of lending responsibility to AVS have been in the works for about two years.

Residence Hall Association (RHA) President Shenandoah Ellis is very optimistic about the partnership.

“I have interacted with the AVS officials a few times and feel like they will do a wonderful job here at UNLV,” Ellis said.

The RHA exists to address the concerns of students who live on campus. They act as a third party to voice the opinions of student residents and seek to improve their on-campus college experience.

“I believe this is a unique opportunity for the Office of Housing and Residential Life to grow,” Ellis said.

Broyard explained that the dorm rooms were not cleaned consistently before, but since the company took over there have been improvements.

“They are going to be in charge of cleaning the dorms over breaks as well as daily maintenance,” Broyard said. “I walked into Dayton at the beginning of the semester and it smelled like Pine-Sol. It was so nice.”

In addition, AVS also intends to replace gaming equipment in the dorms and repave the basketball courts near Kitty Rodman Residence Hall.

“I am excited to see what they can bring to the table and the product of our collaborations,” Ellis said.

Both Bomotti and Ellis believe that the students will not be disappointed and that great things will result from the partnership.

“[We] hope for a positive experience,” Bomotti said.

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