Zombies invade the box office with unlikely thrills 

Warm Bodies brings a new dynamic to the exhausted genre of fear-inflicting flicks

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It seems as though moviegoers have been paying extremely high prices to see the same film over and over again. Producers have been “creating” films that have the same storyline, leaving viewers unsatisfied. Yet Warm Bodies, released on Feb. 1, takes an exhausted genre and gives it life … literally.

The film starts out humorously with an undead teenager, played by Nicholas Hoult, explaining his life as an average zombie. From the start, Hoult plays an easily likeable character, who continues to charm throughout the movie.

On a mission for food, Hoult’s character — simply named R — and his posse of zombies encounter a group of teenagers. Instantly, R is smitten with the lovely Julie, played by Teresa Palmer. R saves Julie from the zombie ambush and the two set off on an adventure budding with romance.

The aspect that sets this movie apart from the rest is that the zombies are capable of developing feelings. Although it does have some cliché aspects, such as Julie’s father disliking R, and the routine fight between the lovers which is quickly resolved, Warm Bodies still stands out from the rest.

After watching depressing zombie movies and television series that leave viewers with a sense of hopelessness, it is nice to feel uplifted while leaving the theater.

It seems as though there is never a cure for the zombie apocalypse in this overused genre, which seems ridiculous with such advancement in technology. Of course zombies will remain as fiction, but that does not mean there cannot be any realistic aspects.

Warm Bodies had instances of comedy to keep the movie light, romance and action to keep the adrenaline going, and a fair dose of horror with the skeletal-like zombies that try to take over the world.

Jonathan Levine, the director and screenwriter of Warm Bodies, is known for emotional movies such as 50/50. He did an excellent job incorporating all of the aspects of a movie together to make a wholehearted, humorous zombie film. Warm Bodies is Levine’s seventh movie and clearly illustrates that the director has a successful career ahead of him.

The acting in this movie was adequate enough to execute the plot clearly. Cosmetics could have been better, since the makeup on R was extremely obvious. The characters were very relatable and it was easy to get attached to them, making the plot even more intriguing.

Overall, Warm Bodies was a fresh, exciting and uplifting film. Although it most likely will not win any Oscars, it will please many viewers. It was ironic and witty, different from any movie that I have seen recently.

It may be difficult for producers and directors to forge new movies with unique plots, but the film proves that creative filmmaking is still possible when it comes to the genre of zombies.

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