Identity Thief steals viewers’ hearts with humor 

A film about the funny side of fraud ensures viewers a few laughs

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Seth Gordon’s new movie, Identity Thief, grabs the audience by the heart and takes them on an emotional road trip. The movie was released on Feb. 8, and the personality clash between Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy already has audiences addicted.

Finding a movie that is original enough to impress the average audience member is a tedious task nowadays. It has become nearly impossible to relate a big-screen plot or character to real life. However, McCarthy and Bateman do a fine job at doing just that.

Neither actor is unbelievably good-looking. In fact, they look like people you may pass on campus or on the way to work. Their personalities are sarcastic and complex, which make the perfect combination for cracking witty jokes. With wacky personalities and a plot that’s based on an issue that is becoming more and more common in the digital age, this movie is both more relatable and intriguing than most.

Identity Thief revolves around a man who has his identity stolen in a not-so-unusual way, who decides to catch the thief in order to bring her to justice. Of course, no criminal is going to turn themselves in willingly, which presents a number of obstacles that Sandy Patterson, played by Bateman, has to overcome.

Throughout the film, Bateman maintains a poised attitude, lightening up the mood with his dry humor. Diana (McCarthy), brings a vivacious and upbeat tone to the film. The combination of these two and the conflict they face creates a humorous scene time and time again.

Although McCarthy plays the antagonist in this film, there are many instance where it is hard not feel sympathetic toward her. At several points, she steps up to the plate, demonstrating that although she may be into some suspicious activities, she still has a good heart. By the end of the movie, everyone in the audience was rooting for her.

Unlike most comedies that end with the typical romance between main characters, this film has a catchy take that leaves the audience surprised and satisfied. Instead of using cliché jokes or immature and often grotesque situations, this comedy focuses on a wiser sense of comedy. Of course this would not be the kind of movie kids would enjoy, so it would be best to save it for a mature audience.

Gordon, the director of the film, normally creates movies with the same mature comedy that can relate to the average person, which makes the films much more enjoyable for everyone. The director is also known for his other films such as Horrible Bosses and The King of Kong. It will be very interesting to see what he does comes up with next.

Overall, Identity Thief was a treat to watch. It was adventurous, humorous and realistically romantic. There was a definite connection between the audience and Patterson, the average underdog.

The only negative aspect of the movie may be the length, since there were several parts that could have easily been cut without hurting the plot.

Nonetheless, Identity Thief is definitely a must-see.

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