Quiznos’ Lobster Salad Sub keeps diners at bay 

Fresh seafood sandwich makes for a spoiled lunch experience


You’ve most likely seen the advertisement for Quiznos’ new Lobster Salad Sub by now. The ad displays a sandwich brimming with whole chunks of fresh lobster, lightly flavored with fresh lemon.

Of course, the sub is shown to be delicious and well worth your money due to the mound of salad Quiznos packs on a perfectly toasted roll.

Keeping previous experiences at Quiznos in mind, I should have expected the advertisement to fall far from the truth. Although the sandwich shop makes for a decent place to stop for a quick bite to eat, it is certainly not a fine dining restaurant.

For about a week, my anticipation for the new sandwich increased daily. As a former New Englander, lobster is a weakness of mine. Now that I reside in a land-locked state, it is close to impossible to find fresh seafood that meets my standards.But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop searching.

It was a Friday, after a long and grueling English class, and all that went through my mind was my eagerness to buy a scrumptious Lobster Salad Sub from Quiznos on Tropicana and Decatur.

Walking in, it was clear that the location did not get a lot of business. While the Starbucks next door was booming with customers, there was only one other person in Quiznos. At the register, a woman greeted me with a mumbled “What would you like?” Enthusiastically, I stated the Lobster Salad Sub on Italian white bread.

First they toasted the bread, and as it came out of the toaster it was evidently burnt. The employee then proceeded to open a tin to scoop out a small portion of the lobster salad onto the roll.

The salad was a mixture of shredded lobster with a load of mayonnaise — and neither seemed very fresh. The sub was then topped with shredded lettuce.

Handing over the $7.29 plus tax for what already seemed like a disappointment, I walked over to one of the many empty tables.

Simply by taking the first bite, it was made clear that the lobster was not fresh and couldn’t come close to mimicking the shellfish’s buttery flavor.

To be frank, it tasted identical to the kind bought in cans at a grocery store. The lobster was bland due to the overwhelming taste of mayonnaise, and the lettuce quickly became soggy. The best part of the sandwich was the bread. Although slightly burnt, the bread was fresh and had the perfect crunch.

Overall the sandwich was not entirely revolting, but it was nowhere near as tasty as the commercials portray.

Quiznos’ advertising cannot be at fault, however. It should be common sense that a customer cannot find fresh lobster at a west coast food chain.

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