America’s Got Talent Live showcases contestants’ variety of spectacular skills 

Finalists of the popular TV show stun audiences at the Palazzo with their abilities


NBC’s popular live-performance program, America’s Got Talent, allows contestants of all backgrounds to come together in order to prove they deserve a chance at stardom. Often, those who audition try their chances at charming the judges with their dance moves, humor or singing capabilities. The seventh season, however, marked a turning point in the show’s history. For the first time, an animal act triumphed over its human competition. While winners of the past have been skilled vocalists and comedians, the Olate Dogs took a unique approach to pleasing the judges and viewers time and time again.

Winners of America’s Got Talent are given a headlining show at a hotel in Las Vegas. Currently, the Palazzo is showcasing several contestants from season seven, and all have a variety of skills. Throughout the two-hour show, viewers are treated to performances by the Olate Dogs, comedian Tom Cotter, the mind-boggling Lightwire Theater and many more.

The show opened with an eclectic performance by artist David Garibaldi and his CMYK’s dance crew. The crew showed off their latest moves while Garibaldi threw paint onto a blank canvas, which he exposed to the audience at the end of the performance. The act was somewhat disoriented, as the artist and his dancers had almost no on-stage chemistry. Despite the chaotic nature of the set, Garibaldi and CMYK excited the audience for the talents that followed.

The Lightwire Theater was next to take the stage. The act included a group of ballet performers who fuse the beauty of dance and the captivation of lights to create an intriguing show. The movement of the lights alone was enough to excite the audience, but the fact that each performance told a story made it even more fascinating. The music was perfectly tailored to the plot line of each dance, which often led to moments of unbearable tension. By the end of the performance, Lightwire Theater proved that its talent was not only lovely to watch, but a work of art in itself.

The dancers’ heart-stopping performance was followed by thirteen-year-old Anna Graceman, who has the range of a seasoned vocalist. Not only did she sing each song, but she also gracefully played the piano in accompaniment. Sure, such a performance could be expected from an experienced adult, but Graceman’s youth and talent was utterly jaw dropping. Her pitch was perfect as she hit every note with ease.

Season seven’s winners, the Olate Dogs, appeared shortly after with a combination of cute dogs and cool tricks. As the owners jumped around stage, the dogs ran on two legs, did flips and went through short obstacle courses. The entire audience was engaged with the dogs’ performance, and these canines really stole the show. It was immediately clear why the Olate Dogs were the winners of season seven. While the variety of vocalists, comedians and artists were impressive, none could top the canines’ performance. What may be most absorbing about the Olate Dogs is that they’re truly a rarity in the realm of entertainment. That’s not to say that their competition was any less talented, but the skills demonstrated by the dogs and their owners are truly special.

Though the Olate Dogs made for a tough act to follow, Tom Cotter got the whole audience laughing in no time. He was very interactive with members of the audience and playfully poked fun at them. Fittingly, the theme of his set was dogs and their owners — a subject the crowd seemed to have really related to.

Overall, the America’s Got Talent finalists were highly entertaining. Beyond the contestants incredible talents and humble personalities, acts like Anna Graceman’s and the Olate Dogs’ serve as inspirations for the show’s future contestants.

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