Avalanche offers relief from sweltering summer days 


The shop’s colorful shaved ice makes for a perfect chilly remedy for blistering afternoons on campus

A custom-made pink lemonade, mango and lychee shaved iced is topped with pastel pieces of mochi at Avalanche.

With summer just around the corner, there’s no better way to cool off from the Las Vegas heat than with an icy sweet treat.

Avalanche has been serving up their shaved ice delights just across the street from UNLV. The little shop reopened earlier this year and is perfect for a quick dessert after lunch or for a mid-afternoon munch.

Immediately after walking through the door, my eyes began to travel across the vibrant spectrum of flavors. Anxious to pick out a shaved ice, the friendly workers helped with assisting and explaining how things at Avalanche work.

Avalanche takes pride in their selection of more than 36 different flavors. The flavors they offer range from fruit squeezes, sodas and candies to sugar-free choices.

Customers can also choose from coconut flakes, chocolate candies and mochi to top their shaved ice. For those who are craving something a little more unique than the average snowcone, Avalanche offers to add an extra scoop of ice cream.

A fellow customer was quick to share his personal favorites when it comes to mixtures, and highly recommended the “root beer float,” a combination of vanilla ice cream with root beer-flavored syrup drizzled on top.

Avalanche’s rainbow of flavored syrups are arranged as an open self-serve station, making it easily accessible for customers who wish to add more flavors to their icy treat.

It’s easy to imagine getting carried away with such freedom, especially when you have a sweet tooth. After careful deliberation, I settled on a simple pink lemonade, mango and lychee mix topped with adorable pastel-colored mochi.

However, it’ll be hard to resist further experimentation with Avalanche’s endless options and flavors on my next trip.

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