Steve-O and Tom Green expand to stand-up 



Tom Green and Steve-O recently graced the stage at Vinyl, each presenting their own brand of hilarity through an avenue neither are known for — stand-up comedy.

Steve-O started the night off, quickly delving into the general areas of grossness that one would only expect from the popular “Jackass” star — just with a lack of the prankster sticking various things in various orifices, or anything, really.

As the man whose back-end is perhaps seen as often as his face continued on, he proved that he didn’t have to be butt-naked to make people laugh, even if the majority of his stand-up focused on his sex life. Specifically, his personal issues with premature ejaculation.

The occasional audience conversation returned to Steve-O’s back and forth with a young man, somewhere around 18-20 years old, extracting the intricate details of jerking off, being walked in on and just about everything one might think of in that realm.

The best part? The guy’s dad was there, and dad had his girlfriend. It was awkward in all the right ways and got quite the response from the audience.

Both the family and the audience responded with laugh after laugh, as Steve-O’s amusing improvisation made its way around the room, before returning to stories of threesomes, transvestites and even a toothless blowjob.

After a good 45 minutes or so of Steve-O, it was time for Tom Green, of “The Tom Green Show” fame, where ridiculous pranks and stunts made millions laugh before the days of YouTube and Vine videos.

While Steve-O channeled his background throughout his stand-up, much of Tom Green’s focused on a generally satirical view of contemporary society.

Green’s stand-up did make audinces think rather than just laugh endlessly, honing in on the lack of connection between people living their lives through Facebook.

In fact, Green led a personal tirade against the social networking site again and again, and while it seems like the jokes would get unfunny or old, it kept me laughing and thinking throughout.

Of course Green also poked at people who are constantly attached to their phones, the way we seemingly all live under constant fear of constant surveillance, and going through the mess of the TSA at the airport.

While these things put in writing seems perhaps banal, channeled through Green’s persona they were hilarious.

There were of course references now and then to the past, such as yelling “When I say chicken, you say sandwich!” resulting in a repetitive back and forth of “CHICKEN!” and “SANDWICH!”

The only disappointment of Green’s performance came when we finished up after only a little over half an hour, but at the very least we got Steve-O back to perform a trick.

The trick was simple but amusing, not to mention impressive, yet nothing you would see on “Jackass”– he put a cup of water on his head and managed to drink it without using is hands or arms. That was the end of that.

Perhaps one of the coolest parts occurred after the show, with Steve-O outside waiting and willing to meet and take a photo with each person — a line that wrapped around the venue — and yes, I got my picture taken.

Both Steve-O and Tom Green provided enjoyable amusement and many laughs, though at just over thirty minutes from Green (versus close to an hour from Steve-O, even including his “trick”) left me wanting a little more.

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