University’s walkways unsafe 


UNLV should reexamine the purpose of its sidewalks

UNLV has been invaded by golf carts, trucks, cars, and other large motorized vehicles which seem to think that the sidewalks and walking paths are their domain. I have almost been mowed down by these vehicles on several occasions.

Do I get that sometimes professors, maintenance folks and others need to have a way to move a large load around campus? Sure. Do I think that we need this many golf carts, trucks, cars and automotive type vehicles zooming and looming on the foot trails competing with pedestrians who are just trying to get to class? Absolutely not.

I attended UNLV for my undergraduate degree, then left to travel and work. Now that I am back working on my graduate degree, I find that the mobile metal invasion is upon us, and the amount of vehicles on campus grounds was never as bad as it was when I was an undergrad.

People actually walked and carried things from building to building. Occasionally, I would see maintenance or other golf cart types of devices, but it was a rarity rather than a rule.

I am also concerned for the flagrant disregard of the people driving these monsters for the pedestrians’ safety. I have seen few of these drivers move over or even look out for pedestrians.

Anyone driving on campus sidewalks should be trained to look out for pedestrians, instead of pedestrians having to move out of the way for drivers.

The release of these golf carts and other devices should also be controlled. It seems like anybody can get a hold of these things. I have seen all kinds of people driving them, some of whom look like students.

If we are going to have willy nilly automotive invasions, why not get a few really big golf cars and make it a service for students to move them around campus? I have attended other universities where they actually pick up students and transport them free of charge to buildings around the campus.

It is not fair for some to be allowed free license to golf carts and for others to have to take their lives in their hands and walk amongst them. Why not have people movers for the students who pay tuition and keep everyone employed?

Why aren’t the buildings connected by walkways for student movement if they are going to give our sidewalks over to motorized equipment?

Where are the safety people who enforce campus safety and security? I do not see how mixing pedestrians and motorized vehicles with no rules and no lane markings is a safe practice.

I pay tuition to attend this university and part of that experience is enjoying my walks on the grounds. I cannot enjoy being here any longer. Walking around the beautiful campus has become a struggle for safety and a purely un-enjoyable endeavor.

I just cannot express the full level of frustration I have reached. We need to take back the paths and walking trails for walking people or all go motorized.

Forget walking and pick us up in your golf carts. Deliver us to our building for class. Let’s all benefit from the invasion or let’s just give it up and go back to walking. It is healthy and enjoyable — maybe not when it’s 110 degrees outside, but other times, it can be quite nice.

Perhaps having walkways between the buildings for walkers would suffice, but we need to do something before we all lose our patience and our minds.

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  1. Mike K.

    Like you, I have nearly been run over on more than one occasion. I think you have highlighted a problem that keeps getting worse very year, and am wondering what it will take for the university to put safeguards in place for us pedestrians.

    If that doesn’t happen soon, I’m getting a Segway!


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