It’s that time of year again. Those lazy days of May, June and July have burned up in the summer sun and left us in August’s sticky embrace. There’s a Sunday-evening quality about regulating sleep schedules, stocking up on textbooks and shopping for school supplies, but summer isn’t over just yet.

While it may be a little painful planning for the upcoming semester, the better you prepare, the more fun you can have in the twenty-something days that stand between now and Fall 2013. Below you’ll find a checklist to help you get into the swing of things (and get some more guilt-free fun in the summer sun).


Sort last semester’s leftovers. Most of us hang on to at least a few books, papers and notes from classes once they end. Do yourself a favor and toss that headache-inducing pile of junk you’ve been keeping “just in case.”

Clean your room. I hate to sound like your mom, but consider the stack of paperwork you’ll acquire in the first week of classes alone. Don’t make the mistake of bringing a fresh stack of syllabi into a syllabi cemetery.

Buy your books early. The UNLV Bookstore is notoriously busy during the first few weeks of classes. Don’t be the Rebel whose arms pop off after spending an hour in line with a stack of textbooks.

Find your classes on campus. Take full advantage of your summer sleep schedule by coming to campus and getting acquainted with where you’ll most often be during the semester. Not only does it make your first day easier, but it will stave off pesky stress dreams, too.

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