This week: Campus news to look out for 9-30-13 

Check back in the next issue on Oct. 3 for more coverage.


CSUN’s annual senate elections are due to take place this Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 2 and 3, ushering in a new cadre of student leaders. These elections will be the first to dispense with the practice of cross-college tickets. Tickets are limited to students in the same college. The elections will also be the first senate election since last year’s election invalidation controversy led to the resignation of CSUN officials and a lawsuit against student government.


UNLV is currently in the process of strengthening efforts to foster compliance with Title IX, an all encompassing federal mandate prohibiting sex discrimination. The legislation includes sexual harassment and violence among students employees. Usually, Title IX is referred to when concerning women in sports and athletics, however, UNLV’s Title IX coordinator Harriet Barlow is putting forth efforts to remind the campus that this includes women outside sports as well. As a result, the university is launching workshops to provide information on how everyone on campus should respond to sexual assault disclosures while drawing attention to UNLV’s resources and policies regarding the issue.

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