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Maryland gets a helping of dessert, expands dining options for UNLV

Swirly Q, the first frozen yogurt shop across the street from UNLV, opened Friday, Oct. 11. It’s a healthy option to satisfy those sweet cravings without the guilt of indulgence.

Located at 4632 South Maryland Parkway behind Rebel Books and Café Rio, a variety of yogurts, toppings, and syrups collide in one convenient place.

As a vegan, I picked the Mango Tango fro-yo and it was like a heavenly version of a gas station $0.99 Push Pop (the one with Fred Flintstone on it, we’ve all seen it).

Flavors like Hawaiian Pineapple, Very Strawberry, Island Banana, pistachio, Sweet Coconut and blueberry are low fat to non-fat and go perfectly with additional fruit, boba, and sprinkles.

Creamier flavors such as New York Cheesecake and Red Velvet Cake are neutral enough to be paired with any toppings. Add fresh fruit like mango, strawberries, lychees, kiwi and more for a vitamin boost. Add chocolates galore with every candy bar under the sun — or ceiling — for a chocolate overload.

Finally, for the lovers of the originals, there are Classic Tart, White Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate flavors, which can be paired up with honey, chocolate or caramel syrups to formulate your own fro-yo creation. Top that off with crushed bits of cereals, cookies and nuts for a fantastically fulfilling crunch. Master the perfect sundae and then invite your friends out to see who can create the best combination.

Numerous possibilities for creamy combinations exist with flavors switching year round with healthy alternatives always kept in mind by the owners. Even the toppings bar seems to go for miles with their extensive array of options. Fill your bowl midway or get a fro-yo swirl reaching past the top rim.

When you get to the cash register, your bowl is weighed and is charged $0.39 per ounce. An additional 25 percent was taken off for customers who attended the grand opening, but if you stop by before they run out, Swirly Q will give you a coupon just for going through their doors. Special deals and a reward system are all ways to save on savory sweets.

Fro-yo isn’t the only thing that Swirly Q specializes in, the store is also donating a percentage of their proceeds to UNLV’s CeramicFUSION Art Club.

This club exposes college artists to new medium forms. Club president Tuli McKnight said that they’ve switched their focus to exposing creative thinking to children through art. They partnered up with Swirly Q for a holiday art event where kids will take free art lessons and have a chance to showcase their projects.

This week outside the Student Union, the CeramicFUSION Art Club will have table tents set up to market the club’s fundraiser and handing out coupons that can be used at Swirly Q.

This hotspot is ready to dish out desserts while giving back to the UNLV community.

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