2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees announced, most diverse ballot yet 

This year potential Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees may be rewarded with induction into the rock’s most highly-esteemed establishment while others will be left Dreamin’ On.

On Monday, the Hall released the ballot of nominees chock-full of diverse artists such as Nirvana, KISS, Peter Gabriel, Chic and N.W.A. all up for possible induction.

For the second consecutive year, an online ballot will be presented for the public to cast their vote on who they would like to see inducted.

Voting begins now and will last until Dec. 10. Fans can cast their votes on rollingstone.com and choose their five selections they deem most worthy of induction. The top five most voted artists will form a “fans ballot” and will be one of the 600 ballots to decide the Class of 2014.

For an artist to be eligible for induction, they must have released an album or single 25 years ago, which now equates to 1988.

The panel of voters consists of previous inductees, music industry veterans, historians and critics.

The Class of 2014 will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at a ceremony this upcoming April in New York City.

An overwhelming nine of the 16 artists considered for the 2014 class are first-time nominees.



Hall & Oates, Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, the Replacements, Yes, Linda Ronstadt, Link Wray, Cat Stevens and the Zombies are making their first appearances on a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination ballot. KISS, Deep Purple, Chic, N.W.A., LL Cool J, the Meters, and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band are up for nomination again.

This is Nirvana’s first year of eligibility. The group’s debut single, the Shocking Blue cover “Love Buzz”, was released in 1988.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is fond of inducting artists not synonymous with the institution’s associated genre. Disco, R&B/soul, pop and hip-hop are represented in classes prior and this year is no different. Gangster-rap godfathers N.W.A., sleek-disco group Chic, multi-talented rapper LL Cool J and funk pioneers The Meters are up for possible induction.

Controversial snubs from years past and long-awaited inductees are also featured on this year’s ballot with both KISS (eligible since 1999) and Deep Purple (eligible since 1993) making only their second appearance on the institution’s ballot.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has endured much criticism from fans, critics and musicians for the exclusion of certain acts and lobbying from upper-executives of institution to induct their personal favorite artists.

With class sizes typically containing only six inductees per-year, it is impossible to include every artist who has made a splash in the broad genre of rock ‘n’ roll. However, questionable decisions such as inducting 1970s Swedish-pop group ABBA in 2010 before shock-rock king Alice Cooper (who was inducted the following year) manages to puzzle fans and critics alike to this day.

Despite criticism, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame remains a beacon of commendable honor and the cherry on top to a successful career.

After a survey conducted through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, here are the three artists that garnered the highest amount of votes as to who the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should nominate next for induction.



def_leppard_hd_band_wallpaper-1920x1080_10398068385_lDef Leppard was to the United Kingdom what Van Halen was for the United States. Both artists provided an escape from the popular punk/new-wave bands of the era, made way for the rise of copycat arena rock groups and the hair metal moment, all while nailing the classic balls-to-the-wall rock ‘n’ roll sound. The difference between these two popular groups is that Van Halen received recognition from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame while Def Leppard has yet to receive a single nomination. “Pour Some Sugar on Me”, “Love Bites”, “Hysteria” and “Photograph” are rock radio staples. Over 60 million albums sold worldwide with innovative arrangements in their music such as multi-layered, harmonic vocals with melodic guitar riffs and a popularity that is still relevant to this day. All the reason why Def Leppard should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.



smiths_10398057034_lThe Smiths’ legacy is untouchable and has developed into a bigger force with the rise of the indie-rock scene, which The Smiths are credited with inspiring. Songs like “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out”, “Girlfriend In a Coma”, “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable” and “Panic” are brilliant pieces of music. Then again, absolutely nothing the Smiths released during their tenure was an inch short of genius. Frontman Morrissey’s characteristic vocal style, lyrics embracing a wide range of themes viewed introspectively and controversial personality combined with the jangly, innovative guitar work of Johnny Marr has fascinated fellow musicians and fans for nearly 30 years. With the impact The Smiths left on music, they certainly deserved a nomination on their first year of eligibility in 2008, but the institution likes to make artists wait sometimes for whatever reason. It has now been five years and less deserving acts have found their way into becoming inductees over the years. It begs the question to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame voting committee: How soon is now?



ironmadien_10398095836_lFew metal bands have achieved the commercial and critical success of Iron Maiden. Over 85 million records sold worldwide, tours that gross an overwhelming amount of money and all this accomplished with little to no radio support. Other than Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Black Sabbath and Metallica, no metal band touches the pioneers of the deemed ‘New Wave of British Heavy Metal’. Their mascot, “Eddie”, has become synonymous with metal imaging. Other than influencing a wide-range of metal giants such as Anthrax, Slayer, Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot and the previously mentioned Metallica, Iron Maiden has crossed over to other genres. Artistically and influentially speaking, Iron Maiden more than qualifies for a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Hell, they ought to be given a whole wing.

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  1. Joe Ashley

    I would like to know why bands like Grand Funk Railroad and Paul Revere & The Raiders have never been considered for the hall of fame. Both are great bands and should be inducted.
    Joe Ashley


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