Cosmopolitan hosts interactive art exhibit 

Anybody that’s been inside the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas knows about their commitment to furthering the scope of art and its intake by society.

With every available space covered in art, the Cosmopolitan represents everything from pencil work and acrylic painting to sculpture statements and modern photography. Charged with the idea to bring the art to the people, the Cosmopolitan opened the P3Studio, which subsequently houses the Artist-In-Residence program.

The program is designed to bring artists from across the globe into the gallery. It allows them to create projects that blend the reception and creation processes into an immersive and interactive experience for guests. This allows Cosmopolitan guests to connect with the art not just on a personal level, something art does inherently, but on a more tactile or objective level as well.

From Oct. 17 until Nov. 10, Sean Mellyn will grace the studio walls with his project, Blind Contour. Mellyn, a resident of the Big Apple, is a multi-media artist whose body of work has hung on the walls various museums across the country. Most recently, Mellyn’s pieces were showcased at the Gallery in New York.

With a body of work encompassing observation and surveillance, Mellyn brings those ideas into his interaction exhibit Blind Contour. A blind contour drawing is a method where the artist focuses on the outline and broad features of the subject, without gazing at their paper or canvas.

During each guest’s session at Blind Contour, Mellyn will create a blind contour drawing of them, as they create a blind contour drawing of him. The drawings will be hung in two separate rooms: one for the drawings of Mellyn, and one for drawings of the various guests.

As the room draped with portraits of Mellyn begins to fill out, guests will be able to see similarities among the drawings, and see the key characteristics universally recognized by artists and humans.

Conversely, the portraits of the guests will provide onlookers a loose visual narrative of both the guests and those who Mellyn made connections with recently. A second set of prints will be made, allowing guests to keep a set of portraits for them to remember their experience.

The P3Studio is open Wednesday-Sunday from 6 p.m. – 11 p.m.

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