Phi Delt’s philanthropy aims for the fence 


In the name of their famous World Series winning brother Lou Gehrig, Phi Delta Theta hit it out of the park.

At the Alumni Amphitheater on Monday, Phi Delt attempted to give back to the community by raising money to cure, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a disease that plagued Gehrig and impeded his career.

The disease affects the nerves on the side of the spinal cord that nourish muscles. This diseased portion of the spinal cord develops hardened, scar tissue in place of the previous healthy nerves. Without proper nourishment, the muscles become smaller and weaker. In time, the muscles can no longer receive signals from the brain to move.

Despite the sudden winter winds, members of the Greek community gathered around to participate in activities and to watch skits performed to raise money for the cause.

Phi Delt brother Shea Foley organized the event. Due to a last minute change in the rules, Foley had to rethink his original plan.

“I really wanted to make it different,” Foley said. “I thought about it and talked to my brothers and came up with this.”

The Grand Slam challenge was based off of Gehrig’s impressive baseball career. The activity included $3 for three whiffle balls or $5 for six and points were awarded based on the contestant’s hit distance.

“This year we decided to throw a curveball and create something new,” read a packet sent to participants.

To advertise the event, the fraternity took to Twitter asking participants to tweet favorite memories of Phi Delt members and tag it with the hashtag #PHISlam13. Phi Delt created healthy competition between the sororities by assigning positive and negative points to money in the penny wars.

Each sorority decorated a cooler for people to drop money in, collecting or subtracting points from each organization.

As the sun set at 4 p.m., the skit portion was underway as each sorority took the concrete stage to act a out five minute skit. The skits were based on the “Life of a Phi” using inside jokes, recent events, funny scenarios, as well as popular music, voiceovers, costumes and props to effectively impersonate the Phi Delt brothers.

“I guess I’m funny, I tried to lay low this year but I guess it didn’t work” said Phi Delt Treasurer Marco Truino, who was the butt of a few impersonations during the skits. “Being the treasurer of my fraternity puts a huge target on my back because you’re handling people’s money.”

Sigma Kappa took the competition with 1,200 points. Tri Sigma took second with 1,175 points and Alpha Delta Pi took third with 850 points.

Donations are still being counted, but with proceeds from the Halloween Hangover party two weeks ago and this philanthropic event, the fraternity has raised over $1,000 for the cause.

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