‘The Rebel Yell' chats with Daniel Knosp, drag show organizer 

The Rebel Yell – What is FIERCE and the rationale behind it?
FIERCE is an all-inclusive fundraising event for The Gay and Lesbian Center of Southern Nevada. FIERCE is aimed at providing a safe and entertaining environment while educating students, faculty and staff about the LGBTQ community.

RY – What can people expect?
Attendees can expect to be entertained by professional female impersonators, vocalists, and student performers, as well as information regarding LGBTQ organizations and support groups, gifts and prizes.

RY – What about drag culture makes it easy to graft to?
Drag culture is a sort of enigma that people are fascinated with. The ability to alter one’s appearance to another gender and blur gender lines has made people stop and think for decades. While drag queens as a culture are superb entertainers and embody the role of teaching today’s youth that it is ok to be anything you want to be.

RY – How is the LGBTQ community unrepresented at UNLV?
The LGBTQ community is unrepresented in the fact that derogatory slurs are still said in abundance on a day to day basis. The UNLV community only hears and sees the things that are misconstrued and taken out of context. It is human nature to be afraid and judge those that you don’t understand. This is why events like FIERCE are important for the UNLV community.

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