Break a leg with campus plays 

At times, life can be so full of drama. So why not spend your time viewing a play here on campus? After all, with the theater department hosting a variety of plays this spring semester, there’s bound to be one that’ll interest you. Here’s a preview of what’s to come. COURTESY PHOTOS


seminar_12218522824_lFrom Pulitzer Prize nominee Theresa Rebeck, Seminar is a comedy about four aspiring novelists who sign up for writing classes with international literary figure, Leonard. Under his non-traditional guidance, the students clash over romance, their friendships and their futures.

This play appeared on Broadway in 2011 and featured Alan Rickman in the originating lead role.

Seminar will run in the Judy Bayley Theater on Feb. 6-9.


Grease-1-759525_12218309563_l Perhaps one of the most well-known musicals of all time, Grease is a story about a group of teens grappling with romance and other social themes against the backdrop of the 1950s.

The musical has had an 8-year run on Broadway, two subsequent revivals and was even made into a 1978 film adaptation.

The play will feature hit songs such as “Grease Lightning,” “Beauty School Dropout,” “Summer Nights” and “You’re The One That I Want.”

The play, which is being presented by the Nevada Theater Conservatory, will be held in the Judy Bayley Theater on May 1-4, 8-11.


eurydice_12218309433_lSarah Ruhl reinvents the Greek myth of Orpheus through the eyes of his wife Eurydice.

After dying an unfortunate young death on the day of her wedding, Eurydice must venture into the Underworld where she reunites with her father. She must cope with the struggles of remembering her past and lost love.

The play is a refreshing new look on the classic myth with contemporary characters, clever plot-twists and dazzling special effects.

Eurydice will be featured Mar. 6-9 at the Judy Bayley Theater.


fivewomenwearingthesamedress_12218714626_lOriginally written by Allan Ball, five reluctant bridesmaids adorned in the same dress attend an overzealous wedding reception in Knoxville, Tenn. They hide away in a bedroom, each woman with different reasons for why they wish to avoid the proceedings down below.

The comedy explores how the five very different women discover a common bond between one another as the day progresses.

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, presented by the Nevada Theater Conservatory, will run in The Black Box Theater on April 4-6 and 9-13.

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