Super Bowl Staff Picks 

As it stands, Super Bowl 48 will be played on Sunday. If not, this world could really use a Super Bowl on a Tuesday.

Nevertheless, it’s bound to be one of the more entertaining Super Bowls in recent memory. And perhaps the coldest and snowiest. Is this Peyton Manning’s last game as an NFL quarterback? Can Russell Wilson and the Seahawks bring the city of Seattle its first professional championship since 1979? So many storylines, so many possibilities. And probably not enough snacks.

The Rebel Yell staff gets you ready for the big game by making their predictions. It should be noted that a good majority of these picks are from people who don’t care for football. Sports brings us all together. Isn’t it wonderful?


Why Seattle will win Super Bowl 48?

Seattle 24, Denver 21
At the beginning of the year, I picked Seattle to win it all. Can’t change it now. This kind of weather plays more to Seattle’s strengths and Russell Wilson will be the X-Factor many aren’t expecting him to be.
Danny Webster, Sports Editor

Seattle 23, Denver 21
I’m picking Seattle, but in all honesty … Auburn’s going to win the football game. If you get that reference, God bless you.
Travis Taylor, Managing Editor

Seattle 20, Denver 17
I don’t know anything about football, but I flipped a coin, and that coin told me to vote for the Seahawks.
Alexia Shurmur, Editor-in-Chief

Seattle 24, Denver 17
My Uncle Frank lived in Seattle and he loved it there. That’s my only reason for picking the Seahawks.
Erica Arnold, Lifestyles Editor

Seattle 30, Denver 23
There is nothing left to be said. Really. There is nothing to be said. At least from me.
Adam Snow, A&E Editor

Seattle 21, Denver 14
I feel like Richard Sherman is going to deliver on his rant about being the best corner in the game and lead the Seahawks to victory.
Adwoa Fosu, Opinion Editor


Why Denver will win Super Bowl 48?

Denver 27, Seattle 17
Even the Seahawks’ vaunted secondary can’t cover Peyton Manning’s arsenal of weapons, and Russell Wilson and company won’t be able to keep up.
Jesse Granger, Senior Staff Writer and die-hard Broncos fan

Denver 27, Seattle 23
I’ll take my chances with a depleted Broncos secondary over a Seahawks receiving core that shouldn’t even be starting a Nevada State Championship game let alone a Super Bowl.
Randy Faehnrich, Senior Staff Writer

Denver 32, Seattle 27
I want to see Peyton get his second ring, especially if he’s going to retire.
Rochelle Richards, Senior Staff Writer

Denver 21, Seattle 7
I’m picking the Broncos because of Peyton Manning and his awesomeness.
Aubrey Shirley, Copy Editor

Denver 30, Seattle 21
The only reason I’m picking is because I was cornered by my editors.
Julie Ann Formoso, Senior Staff Writer

Denver 33, Seattle 23
The ghost of John Elway lives on. Peyton will get the job done and win another one for John.
Chase Stevens, Photo Editor

Denver 21, Seattle 17
As a life-long Oklahoma City Thunder fan of six years, I still laugh in the face of the city of Seattle.
Lauren Kerr, Art Director

Note: The Rebel Yell advisor Rick Velotta didn’t place a score, but we know he’d pick the Broncos.

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