Starting A Student Organization, Simplified 

With nearly 200 student organizations and 33 fraternities and sororities at UNLV, students can meet peers with similar interests and express themselves through a variety of different activities. Through the UNLV Involvement Center, students can choose to start their own organization if there isn’t one that aligns with their interests or hobbies.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) range from “social action organizations to socially based organizations, from religious based clubs to sports clubs,” according to UNLV’s Involvement Center website.

A student is able to register their organization if there are five students enrolled at UNLV with a common purpose to start the club. A registered student organization can operate with or without a full-time faculty or staff advisor.

Regardless of how a student goes about creating their organization, the UNLV Involvement Center is an asset that should be utilized. The Involvement Center allows students to register their organization, as well as lets them search for other organizations, view c alendars of club events, register and manage student organization profiles and find resources for these organizations.



Meet the Requirements to Create an Organization
There are set requirements all student organizations must meet to register:
• A minimum of 5 UNLV students for members
• A full-time faculty or staff advisor
• A statement or mission of purpose that explains what the organization is about
• Agree to the terms and conditions in the registration



Update Online Profile
Visit the Involvement Center website, which a student may reach through their MyUNLV account. Students may then select “Register This Organization” button after searching for the organization that they want to register. There will then be an online registration form to submit.



Complete the Online Training
Online training is required to become an official organization. The training will provide information that a prospective organization needs to know to become successful. It must be completed by the registration deadline for the organization to be considered active.



Communicate with an Advisor
Once the online registration is completed, the full-time faculty or staff advisor, if an organization has one, will be contacted to fill out their section of the registration. They need to complete three steps: the Advisor Agreement, the Volunteer Advisor Form and a brief online video training. The advisor must finish these steps before the registration deadline to activate your organization.



Attend the RSO Annual Meeting
This is the final step to register your organization. Annual RSO meetings cover important information students will need to operate for the year. It is also an opportunity to network with other organizations and meet the UNLV staff that will provide support for the new organizations. One of three of these meetings must be attended by a representative of a new organization.

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