Jazz concert plays in Black History Month 


In honor of Black History Month, the UNLV Jazz Ensemble I played a concert Tuesday in the Black Box Theater to a nearly full house.



The ensemble, which is directed by Dave Loeb and Nathan Tanouye, played through a variety of works by jazz greats such as Duke Ellington and Frank Sinatra.

The show also featured a diverse selection of vocalists including Clint Holmes, Gary Fowler, Ira Hill, Ronnie Rose, Toscha Comeaux and jazz couple The Cunninghams.

Clint Holmes, who is performing in a tribute concert to Ray Charles on Feb. 28 kicked off the show.

From the rat-tat-tat of the drums, the slapping of a bass, the smooth chords of a Fender Stratocaster, saxophone solos, the swinging arms of bandleaders and other various brass and woodwind instruments helped provide for the groovy musical backdrop of the singers.

Gary Fowler sang Duke Ellington pieces, including “I Got It Bad,” while Ira Dill sang a powerful performance of the classic Frank Sinatra song, “Fly Me To The Moon.”

Toscha Comeaux, one of the hottest new acts in the Las Vegas jazz scene, was the most energetic performer of the night dancing around in her high heels.

Perhaps the most entertaining act of the night was by The Cunninghams, who, despite their elderly appearance, were still able to boogie to the song “Two for The Blues.”

Ronnie Rose performed the Gary Anderson arrangement of “My Foolish Heart” before joining Comeaux, Hill and Fowler on stage for the closing the show with “Switchin’ In The Kitchen.”

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