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Busy afternoons and long nights are a prime penchant of The Rebel Yell staff, putting the typical eight hour day to shame with usual nights going past the midnight hour. As such, breaks here and there are needed. So what better way to break up slaving over InDesign than stopping by one of our favorite places to eat? Below are a staff-picked food selections from Sunday’s lunch break at Mr. Sandwich. PHOTOS BY CHASE STEVENS/THE REBEL YELL


1D4_1578_13381294914_oEver since discovering the deliciousness of bahn mi sandwiches thanks to Lee’s Sandwiches when I was growing up in Southern California, I’ve always been on the lookout for different alternatives to the popular Vietnamese offering. Now that Mr. Sandwich is open across the street, that alternative is just a short walk away and the charbroiled beef sandwich has become a favorite of mine, with tasty flavored meat and fresh vegetables. — Chase Stevens, Photo Editor



1D4_1571_13381076713_oThe Combination Beef Noodle at Mr. Sandwich is an ideal pick for those who like a bit of everything. You receive a bowl with steaming broth containing tender beef, green onion and noodles. You can also add extras to your dish with anything from lemon, bean sprouts, basil and sliced peppers, to Hoisin sauce and Sriracha. Whatever you add to your Pho, it’ll have your tastebuds singing for sure. — Emilie Cady, Copy Editor



1D4_1561_13381295804_oThe thing about pho is that, according to purists, it doesn’t matter what you put in it, the broth is all that matters. Each place is guaranteed to have a unique soup, adding their own distinctive flavor. Mr Sandwich was my first taste of the Asian superfood and chicken pho has now become a staple of my Friday lunch break. — Ian Whitaker, News Editor



1D4_1532_13380935205_oI don’t normally eat vegetables. But when I do, I usually eat them when wrapped in rice paper with shrimp. You get a side of peanut sauce to dip these in, but they taste even better plain. Next time you order something, do yourself a favor and get the spring rolls on the side. — Danny Webster, Sports Editor

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