In Brief: Regents clash over tuition hikes 


In the wake of ongoing criticism by student leaders, state higher education officials clashed on tuition hikes at last week’s Board of Regents meeting.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Regent Ron Knecht was joined by Regent and UNLV alum Allison Stephens in arguing against Chancellor Dan Klaich’s proposed 17 percent hike.

Regents Michael Wixom, Andrea Anderson, James Dean Leavitt and Jason Geddes said they would support the proposal, the Sun reported.

In a poll conducted by CSUN last semester, a little over half of undergrads opposed raising tuition.

Only the student governments at UNLV and Great Basin College have opposed the increases, saying they are shifting the burden unfairly onto students in lieu of looking for funding elsewhere or seeking financial reform within the system. Student governments at other NSHE institutions, including the University of Nevada, Reno have said they will support the proposal.

NSHE officials maintain that until the state Legislature restores funding cut in previous legislative sessions, tuition hikes are the only feasible way to ensure the state’s higher education institutions stay open.

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