Red Bull hosts Q&A session with Jimmy Ho at UNLV 


Red Bull made their ascent into extreme sports years ago, and their latest endeavor into competitive video gaming looks to be another revolutionary endeavor for the company.

The energy drink company hosted a Q&A session with Red Bull eSports star and Dota II professional Jimmy “DeMon” Ho April 24 at UNLV. The event produced a moderate turnout with many die-hard video game fans flocking to meet Ho.

The Q&A session was an excellent opportunity to not only meet the player, but understand the seriousness behind the world of professional gaming.

Ho is a Red Bull sponsored gamer and prized Dota II player. He lives the dream that all video game lovers aspire to: to make a career off of it. Ho also has been fortunate enough to travel the world competing in various video game tournaments for cash prizes.

“I began playing when I was young,” said Ho. “I was never a huge video game player or fan when I was a small kid. It all came later in my life.”

In 2004, Ho began playing the popular computer game Warcraft 3. His venture into the Dota series was soon after. It was then that Ho decided he not only loved the game, but possessed a special skill unmatched to many others.



“Dota got me hooked,” said Ho. “After playing it, I made up my mind that I wanted to be the best there ever was.”

Ho has played for multiple teams since he first began to play video games competitively. He joined his first Dota team in 2006. While the team’s success was mediocre, it provided Ho great experience. He later joined up with the team known as Meet Your Makers in 2010.

It was a profitable switch for Ho. Meet Your Makers finished out in the top three of many European tournaments that they competed in.

During this time, Ho began making money off his participation in competitive video gaming.

“It was an unbelievable moment to prove to my parents that my obsession with video games was not in vain,” said Ho. “I could truly say, ‘I told you so,’ when I showed them I was able to make serious money and pay my bills.”

However, it was not all roses for Ho. His skill and success grew into him becoming complacent.

“I became really lazy and unfocused,” said Ho. “I drank a lot and became extremely cocky. My priorities shifted for the worse.”

Ho and his team struggled in many tournaments, and found themselves not being invited back. It was then that he decided to reclaim his love and passion.

“It was a learning lesson for me,” said Ho. “Never again will I become too comfortable with my success, and not push on to achieve more.”

Red Bull first learned of Ho after the pro-gamer tagged the company at a video game tournament put on by rival competitor Monster Energy.

“I was competing at this tournament Monster Energy was putting on,” said Ho. “I decided to be a wise guy and tag Red Bull during the session. Monster was pretty aggravated about it, and I got in some trouble. However, it was worth it.”

After that fortunate incident, Red Bull recruited Ho under their eSports team and began sponsoring him. It is mutual partnership for both Red Bull and Ho.

“Red Bull gives me tremendous respect,” said Ho. “They push and motivate me. We have the same outlook on life, and they have inspired me to be role model to others.”

During the Q&A session, Ho touted Red Bull’s involvement with professional gaming as elevating the sport and giving it much needed legitimacy.

As far as life after gaming goes, Ho has not given it much thought. His only focus is to work with Red Bull and continue growing awareness to the world of professional video gaming.

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