Top Five Indie albums of 2014 


This year has seen its share indie artist putting out new albums.

The Rebel Yell compiled a list of what we think are the five best indie albums to come out this year so far.

While there are plenty of other albums that we could have fit into this list, we are confident that our compilation that even the most elite of hipsters will be able to enjoy these tunes to a cold can of Pabst Blue Ribbon.




St. Vincent – St. Vincent
Better known by her stage name, St. Vincent, Anne Clark has once again proven her musical versatility with her recent self-titled album.

Formerly a member of The Polyphonic Spree and touring member of Sufjan Stevens’ band, Clark has had a successful solo career since her first solo album, Marry Me.

Having collaborated with the Talking Heads’ Steven Byrne on her previous album, Clark keeps the art rock vibes flowing her latest self-titled album

The album revolves around David Bowie-like electric pop while displaying Clark’s intricate guitar playing.
Notable tack: “Digital Witness”


The War on Drugs – Lost In A Dream
A follow-up to their second critically album, Slave Ambient, The War On Drugs once again received praise for their latest album released. Like the name of the album, the album causes the ear buds to become lost in a cosmic, dream-like state of being.

The album is heavily influenced by the sounds of the 80s new wave era, while channeling the likeliness of Bob Dylan and Tom Petty on certain instances.

Adam Granduciel, the primary songwriter of the band, wrote the material for the album as response to feelings emotional distress and paranoia he encountered after lengthy touring for his band’s previous album.

Interestingly, the band conveys these feelings of uneasiness and anxiety into a comforting sound.
Notable track: “An Ocean Between The Waves”


Mac DeMarco – Salad Days
The term “salad days” is synonymous with the period of one’s youthful inexperience. However the gapped toothed, 24-year-old Canadian indie-rocker definitely presents himself as an experienced artist with his newest album, Salad Days. The album is largely themed around DeMarco’s increased fame and media attention since his previous two albums.

While he still stays true to his janglly-toned guitar songs that he is best known for, he treads new ground with synthesizer-based melodies reinforced with an increased psychedelic sound.
Notable track: “Passing Out Pieces”


Real Estate – Atlas
Nearly three years after the release of their critically praised album, Days, the New Jersey Dream-Pop act released Atlas in early March this year. The New Jersey group defines their album with reverb-enhanced vocals and echoed guitar playing infused with light rhythmic structures.

The albums sound resembles the relaxing trance-like sounds of artists such as Deerhunter and Kurt Vile.
Notable track: “Talking Backwards”


Warpaint- Warpaint
The LA indie-rock band released their highly anticipated self-titled album in early January after releasing their album’s single, “Love Is To Die” in October of last year.

Warpaint took a more of a minimalist approach compared to their first album, The Fool, when developing their latest albums sound.

R&B and rap music was an influence on the album, with the added presence of drum machines. Still, it remains similar to their older work with musical segments of harmonized vocals and ambient song structures drenched in echo.
Notable Track: “Hi”

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