Zhitny and Benjelloun sworn in 


The CSUN Judicial Council ruled Wednesday night that the disqualifi cation of Elias Benjelloun, Kanani Espinoza and Vladislav Zhitny from the results of the recent E-board election was conducted in violation of their due process rights, and has ordered an injunction on the executive board positions to be lifted immediately.

They were sworn in at midnight on May 1 in the CSUN offices.

All three were the victors in April’s elections to replace outgoing CSUN president Mark Ciavola and his executive board.

The decision follows a lengthy dispute over alleged violations of elections rules on the part of Benjelloun and his to defend it themselves.

Some have also claimed a discrepancy with the Council’s ruling, which was decided by six justices according to the published decision. The CSUN Constitution states that, “The Judicial Council shall not hear a case, deliberate, or render any decision unless at least seven (7) justices are physically present.”

Justice Rochelle Cardy resigned Wednesday morning.

Benjelloun said he was satisfied with the decision.

“I’m glad that the votes of over 1200 students were not invalidated or cast aside, and that the voice of the students remained in effect,” Benjelloun said.

It is currently unknown whether Hicks or Murdock will pursue legal action in light of the ruling. As of press time, Murdock could not confirm nor deny he was pursuing legal recourse.

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