Bishop Nehru talks tour, upcoming album 


While most teenagers stay home over summer playing video games or working a job, 17-year-old Markel Scott, also known as Bishop Nehru, has been busy touring overseas.

The New York native began stirring up quite the buzz in the hip-hop scene at the age of 14 when he began to release his music on online forums such as Odd Future Talk, Hypebeast and Skateboard-City.

WorldStarHipHop named Nehru the Youth Rap Talent of the Week in July 2012 for his freestyle of Mos Def’s classic track “Mathematics.” He was also able to impress a subsequent number of influential rap radio stations and has received rave reviews for his mixtape “Nehruvia.” Before he knew it, he was opening up for the legendary Wu-Tang Clan on their 20th anniversary Europe tour.

“Opening up for the Wu-Tang Clan was an honor to me,” Nehru says. “They respected me. They were cool and not cocky whatsoever. RZA was a cool man. He told me that it’s great to be in the position I’m in for the age that I am, and that I need to just keep doing me and having fun.”

Becoming a “hip-hop prodigy” changed Nehru’s daily life as he transitioned from being a high school student into an artist.



Nehru flew down to Las Vegas to partner up with LRG to showcase their 2014 clothing collection. They also linked up Las Vegas native Dizzy Wright, another prodigious emcee that has made it big on his own as an independent artist. The photoshoot was held at The Neon Museum Las Vegas, a museum dedicated to collecting, preserving, studying and exhibiting iconic Las Vegas signs located on North Las Vegas Boulevard.

“Traveling is exhausting. I’ve been mad busy coming in and out of New York to do shoots and getting studio time with other artists,” Nehru explains. “I’m only in 11th grade. I’m starting to take online classes so I don’t really have to be in school but still get the same knowledge of being in school.”

According to Nehru, the moment he decided to take his rap career seriously was when he met MF DOOM, the elusive underground hip-hop artist who hides behind a metal mask to conceal his identity. Nehru ran into DOOM in London after opening up for the masked emcee and Ghostface Killah.

Nehru and DOOM are working together to release Nehru’s debut album titled Nehruvian DOOM. The album will consist of around seven songs. The release date has not yet been announced.

“There’s no way to really explain it. It’s just kind of its own little feel,” Nehru said. “I don’t think anything really compares to it.”

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