Engineering students face off in Senior Design Competition 


Twenty-nine teams of engineering students will compete for prize money at the Spring 2014 Senior Design Competition today.

The students will unveil inventions they put together based on knowledge they accumulated during their undergraduate career. The competition, intended to teach the participants the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, will be judged by individuals from the local industry.

Among the projects set to be displayed is an anaerobic digestor that breaks down waste to produce energy invented by Civil Solutions; a mechanical apparatus named Pull-Me-Up-Bar that attaches to a doorframe to help the user execute pull-ups correctly; a vertical farm designed by GrowUp Urban Food Solution that can fit in parking garages; and a device similar to a microwave that kills bed bugs courtesy of Radiant Sol Bugs.

Yet another team, Clean Green, will present a way to tweak the water softening system of local industrial laundry facility Brady Linen Services, LCC in order to help the company clean casino linens more efficiently. Algae production system will showcase their plan to create an algae culture system in Las Vegas, which will be used as an aquaculture feed source.

The competition will take place from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Cox Pavilion. A list of all the projects can be found at

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